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Re: Straight, no milk

Jun 25, 1998 08:43 PM
by Kym Smith

Govert wrote:

>O.k, if they did not like my little reading circle and
>started pulling out their guns, I do not know what I would
>do, but theoratically I will be in favor of shooting first.
>How I would feel afterwards I do not know either, but it
>might be pretty miserable.

In CLIMB THE HIGHEST MOUNTAIN the Prophets write that one should be willing
to "live and die" for what is right - I do not recall a reference about
"killing" for what is right.

However. . .you go on with valid questions, such as:

>How did Washington feel after the
>last battle against the British? Or Eisenhower when the
>Allies finally beat the Nazi's?

This may shock you, but I do believe that the war against the Nazis was
necessary, although not "right."  People could have stopped Hitler long
before he took power.  I think we should have stepped in sooner in Bosnia,
Rwanda, and I do think the American Revolution was necessary - but again,
not "right."

But this really has nothing to do with C.U.T.  Govert, you talk as if C.U.T.
was some kind of country or nation itself.  It's not.  It is supposed to be
a sanctuary, a place of peace - a place of SPIRITUALITY.  It is not some
state within a state.  Yet, somehow, C.U.T. and its followers (including
you) have turned God and the "ascended masters" into some kind of brute
warriors.  It is no longer a place of reverence and Universal Love - it
smells of gun metal and ammunition.  It justifies breaking laws and killing.

There is a difference between church and state.  States should be secular -
and should provide and direct any necessary military action.  C.U.T. should
be a place of LOVE - no talk of hate, fear, mistrust, or any other
destructive thought-form should enter its gateway.

You just don't get it, Govert.

C.U.T. is now no different than the groups it claims to be fighting against.
Should your and C.U.T.'s thoughtforms come to pass - you will have a long
and arduous task of rectifying the massive amount of responsibility your
mind holds in bringing on such a horror.


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