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Re: Materialistic Mamas

Jun 25, 1998 08:57 PM
by Annette Rivington

Dear Lmhem111:
Thanks for the web page.  I shall certainly give it a spin.  Glad you
found her inspiring too.

Dear Kym:
I should learn to keep my mouth shut about what books I read!
But as to your comments to Lmhem111...

> Oh, yes!  I really adored the way she made rape - via her rape scene in
> ATLAS SHRUGGED - appear to be something women really, deep down, want.  That
> book - an eclectic mixture of rape, the "me first" philosophy, abundant
> smoking, and raw capitalism - really got me aroused and excited about life.

Now why would you see it as rape, when I still see it as a clash of two
strong people, both of whom are working something through in reality
when people "think" they are not using each other but are until they get
their lives truly in line with their philosophy.  I prefer to remember
the "love interaction" in "The Fountainhead" as a better example of this
issue.  And I think Rand *challenges* women readers to introspection and
analysis, of their motives and indoctrination (maybe even "weakness"),
in her novels.

I'd comment further that if one "is aroused and excited about life", Ayn
Rand does not present herself to one to *experience* her experience.  It
stays on my shelf and gets an airing regularly precisely because I am
not a "lightworker" yet who can keep giving into this black hole of
energy sucking, taker society without anguish.
At least once a week I wrestle with the thought, "why am I busting my
ass, using both sides of my brain, producing, organizing, visualizing,
and stepping in to pick up the pieces when others breeze away or stand
there all needy like?  Why am I working like this for less than 50%
take-home?"  Rand explains why and also suggests a utopia.  The result
for the reader is to stretch to think about things and to question
oneself, whom one usually thought (until hitting up against Rand) was
just peachy great.

I have some friends who seem really concerned that "the meek shall
inherit the earth".  They're true Rand followers (with autographed first
editions and the works).

Kym, I think part of the problem you have with me is that much of what I
choose to experience is "reverse psychology".  It presents itself and I
go with it in order to experience the opposite (as well as that
presented).  Often in the opposite I experience the posit.

> "The new HPB?!"  Are we talking about the same Ayn Rand - the one who also
> wrote yet another admirable piece of rather ripe poop entitled "The Virtue
> of Selfishness?"

Yeah.  The virtue of expressing the strength within.  Having the courage
of one's beliefs to live one's life on one's own terms.  Refusing to
play games and refusing to become corrupt in order to "run with the
crowd".  Not sponging off other's genius.  Not being an energy vampire.
Staying the course whatever it takes.

IMHO she smoked herself to death because she could not live up to her
own philosophy.  She got dragged into an organization that squabbled and
lost focus.  Her chosen disciple Nathanial let her down.  Publishers
hounded her to produce "best sellers" regardless of true content.  A
plethora of hangers-on drained her energy.  By all accounts she died a
"disappointed" woman.  That's a lesson in itself!
Sound familiar?
Up and at 'em

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