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Re: Materialistic Mamas

Jun 26, 1998 03:01 PM
by Kym Smith

Annette wrote:

>Now why would you see it as rape, when I still see it as a clash of two
>strong people, both of whom are working something through in reality
>when people "think" they are not using each other but are until they get
>their lives truly in line with their philosophy.  I prefer to remember
>the "love interaction" in "The Fountainhead" as a better example of this

You are absolutely right regarding my error in citing the right book - the
scene I am referring to was in THE FOUNTAINHEAD, not ATLAS SHRUGGED. Thanks
for helping me clarify.

Rand does clearly insinuate, through Dominique, that women - especially
strong ones - are still always seeking fulfillment via "strong" men - even
if it involves violence.

>Yeah.  The virtue of expressing the strength within.  Having the courage
>of one's beliefs to live one's life on one's own terms.  Refusing to
>play games and refusing to become corrupt in order to "run with the
>crowd".  Not sponging off other's genius.  Not being an energy vampire.
>Staying the course whatever it takes.

One of the narrowest-thinking books I ever read was "The Virtue of
Selfishness." According to Rand's philosophical theory - if my happiness
would sincerely increase due to the death of my neighbor, there is nothing
in Rand's philosophy that would condemn me killing my neighbor.  Rand may
not have really thought that way herself, but her written theory leaves that
option wide open.

She claims there are differences between natural disasters and social
disasters - people worthy of help in some horrendous situations, but not in
others.  Rand assumes that those who are poor are there because of some kind
of choice or personal laziness, and therefore, the best one can do is help
them as minimally as possible.  I heartily disagree.

Rand also, if I recall correctly, never addressed what it means when a human
performs an act for its own sake.  A person may find no pleasure or meaning
or happiness in wiping someone's running nose - but one can perform the
action out of the pure sake of simply making another person more
comfortable.  People often do things for nothing more than the sake of doing
such things - the world could not function if such acts were not performed -
yet Rand seems to find no place for it in her theory.

Rand advocates seeing the world only from one point of view: your own.

Way too teeny a world for me.


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