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Materialistic Mamas

Jun 25, 1998 07:17 PM
by Kym Smith

Lmhemlll wrote regarding Ayn Rand:

>She's a great writer.

Oh, yes!  I really adored the way she made rape - via her rape scene in
ATLAS SHRUGGED - appear to be something women really, deep down, want.  That
book - an eclectic mixture of rape, the "me first" philosophy, abundant
smoking, and raw capitalism - really got me aroused and excited about life.
Whoo-hoo!  It also makes one handy-dandy computer table-leg holder-upper.
Why, that pragmatic Ayn thought of everything!!!

>I agree with much of her objectivist philosophy but I'm
>not keen on objectivism' aversion to mysticism. Too bad she didn't read the
>SD. She might have become a theosophist. If she had, she would have been the
>new HPB.

"The new HPB?!"  Are we talking about the same Ayn Rand - the one who also
wrote yet another admirable piece of rather ripe poop entitled "The Virtue
of Selfishness?"

Well. . .I see only happy days ahead.


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