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Can you pass the cute monk test?

Jun 26, 1998 03:39 PM
by Dr A M Bain writes
>I felt myself plummenting back to earth due to my bawdy thoughts -
>but that fall from grace hardly moved me as my mind kept on wanting to go
>places it never, ever should.
>It was terrible and thrilling at the same time - and I kept thinking that
>the monk could read my mind since that is what "enlightened" people can
>sometimes do and, as a result, I was as embarrassed as all get out.
>Anyway, due to these types of events in my life, I tend to avoid "spiritual"
>huddles - I always leave feeling so. . .so. . .un-something.  I hate that.
>It's a plot, Annette, a plot.  Stay strong.

"Cute monk off duty seeks bawdy thinking woman for mutual
meditation in comfortable surroundings.  Own satin sheets."

(Classified ad from "Cute Monks Monthly.")

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