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Re: Worlds

Jun 29, 1998 04:15 PM
by Dr A M Bain

libidia <> writes
>Can't promise to get to it immediately, but accept your offer of a
>discussion at a later date.

I'll hold you to that!
>It's Monday morning here and I have to go to work.  Every Monday morning
>all the non-support staff meet in the boardroom in their best executive
>clothing and primp, preen, posture, posit.  Every Monday afternoon the
>support staff are given the filtered versions of the morning in similar
>but lower level meetings.  I HATE Mondays anyway and I LOATHE attending
>meetings like this, and usually the week turns into the equivalent of
>two weeks in hours as many male managers are playing the game of leaving
>things until the last minute so that they can rush around and make a lot
>of noise to appear busy and to bark at the support staff to appear

When I became the catalog editor to a firm dealing in stamps for
collectors, i found myself in the od position of being a complete
department of one.  This meant, that as department head (!) I used to
have to report to the board meeting every month.  I established my
future relationship withthem on the first month by enetering when called,
and annoucning to the self-important assembly - "It's OK - no need to
get up."
>This has been going on in one form or another since I was born, and if
>Theosophy could change this AND give me a 3 day work week with the same
>income, it would bring me Heaven on Earth

How about a two-day week?

Alan :-)

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