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Re: Worlds

Jun 29, 1998 05:47 AM
by Annette Rivington

Dr. A.M.Bain wrote:

> Dear Merlin/libidia/Annette,
> I did that?  Anyhow, I can see so many parallels in your description
> (which I have filed for reference) that I suggest you might like to
> download my free "Keys to Kabbalah" - and if you can make sense of
> it, we will have a comparitive base to discuss from.

Dear Apostate/Dr/Alan,
Oooooooh, you mean some of the stuff in these other books I read and my
own experience might carry some weight!!!!!!!

Just to let you know that I downloaded your "Keys to the Kabbalah" a
couple of weeks after first electronically meeting you and it's still
here on my hard drive, waiting to become pertinent and hence remembered.

Can't promise to get to it immediately, but accept your offer of a
discussion at a later date.

It's Monday morning here and I have to go to work.  Every Monday morning
all the non-support staff meet in the boardroom in their best executive
clothing and primp, preen, posture, posit.  Every Monday afternoon the
support staff are given the filtered versions of the morning in similar
but lower level meetings.  I HATE Mondays anyway and I LOATHE attending
meetings like this, and usually the week turns into the equivalent of
two weeks in hours as many male managers are playing the game of leaving
things until the last minute so that they can rush around and make a lot
of noise to appear busy and to bark at the support staff to appear

This has been going on in one form or another since I was born, and if
Theosophy could change this AND give me a 3 day work week with the same
income, it would bring me Heaven on Earth.

by for now

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