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Guns, bombs, and other holy things

Jun 29, 1998 00:10 AM
by Kym Smith

Annette wrote:

>Dear Thoa and Kym:
>Why thank you Thoa for saying you enjoyed our chat.  Just want to let
>you and others know that I get no secret self-satisfaction out of
>posting personal details, as I peceive neither do others on this list.
>In fact, often I wake up next morning and think, "h..s.. what *have* I

Although I agree that there are times when subjects become too personal for
public consumption and should be shared via private e-mail - I don't think
you or anyone has yet crossed that boundary.  I think we stayed in the green

Consequently, our more personal conversations with each other and others
reflected some effects Theosophy or any other philosophy is having upon us.
A person can quote and cite and bleet and blat all day what others have said
- but that doesn't tell anyone anything about what T/theosophy means to the
person.  All of us on this list can read, so quotations can sometimes be
redundant or unhelpful - what is also important to me is to know what people
are DOING with what they are reading.  My exchange with Govert was an
interesting and - I'm going to say it - scary conversation.  And he and I
have read the very same 'seed' literature.

I think it is wise to know in what flock one has landed - helps one decide
if one belongs there. . .or if they should alert any authorities.

It takes greater courage to engage in self-inspection than it does to simply
read voluminous texts and dissect ambiguous phrases (note: which is not to
say that those who mainly use citations for discussion are not doing

'Course, then there are those who simply run onto the list, drop a bomb
statement and then go silent.  That gets on my last nerve. . .and I know
they don't care about my last nerve.


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