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And yet another book on Laura Holloway!!!!!!

May 28, 2012 12:04 PM
by Daniel

Just a few days ago I announced the publication of my new book on Mrs. Holloway.



Now there is another book out on Mrs. Holloway by Dr. Diane Sasson.

Looking up her mail address at her University website, I've written the following to her:

Dear Dr. Sasson,

Continuing my email from the one I sent earlier today, yesterday I found
you new book at Google books and ordered a copy.  Today I received the copy from Amazon and have spent the last four hours reading....not able to put your book down!

You have done a remarkable, masterful job.  Although I might disagree with some your conclusions, etc. you have provided such a wonderful portrait of Laura.  I first became intrigued with Mrs. Holloway in the 1970s helping with the 2nd ed. of Mrs. Hanson's and Mr. Linton's READERS GUIDE TO THE MAHATMA LETTERS.  etc. etc.

More info about my new book can be found at the following link:

My book in effect provides much of the Blavatsky/Mahatma source material/Holloway source material including beautiful colored photographic facsimiles of ALL the Mahatma and Blavatsky original letters at Winterthur.

It is like your book and my book are companion volumes!

And I did NOT publish the second half of my original book manuscript because it was still incomplete and because for the last 2 or 3 years I had been involved in other Blavatsky projects.  Once I hear from you and know that this is your email address (I found it as the Vanderbilt University website), I will send you a word copy of the 2nd half of my book that I did not publish.  Going thru your book, you filled in some of the gaps in my own understanding and I see that maybe I have material that you did not know about.  

Tomorrow I am going on a 6 week trip away from Tucson but will take all my Laura Holloway folders with me and will go thru you book and compare it with the material I have collected over the years.  Once I refresh my memory on some of this I will then write you in greater detail and try to fill in some of the few gaps that I think I see in your narrative.

I am also quite intrigued with what you write about Judge as it relates to other documents I have.  Plus in your book the whole topic about women and various related sexual matters is also very thought provoking.

I am planning to email alot of my website users and correspondents and tell them about your book.

I am so glad that you reproduced Master KH's portrait from my website.  

I must close for now and pack for my trip since I "wasted" the whole afternoon fully absorbed in your book!!!  Thanks very much for writing this book....I hope more people will be introduced to Laura and I hope students of Blavatsky and Theosophy will carefully read and study your book.

In a rush....


You can buy Dr. Sasson's book at Amazon at:

And this morning a friend called me and said to look at Blavatsky News where more about both books are given:

Yesterday on my vacation I spent all day looking at all my papers I have collected over the years about Mrs. Holloway.  A stack one foot high!

Maybe later today I will post portions of  second part of my book that still has not been published that will complement and supplement the material in both my newly published book and Dr. Sasson's wonderful book.

As a result of going back over my box of material I think I MAY have found a few more unpublished Mahatma letters.  That will be my working hypothesis until I either verify or falsify it!  

I should tell readers that in my book I did publish the portraits of both KH and M.

More later on this subject.


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