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Sufilight on a certain Forum

May 28, 2012 11:25 AM
by Daniel

Sufilight you write:
Is it not the plain truth that the Leadership in above named forum - in silence
NOT known by the members of the forum - almost monthly throws a number of
persons out of the forum and hampers and "gags" happy and wellmeant freedom of
speech members with warnings as if THEIR (the Leaderships) freedom of speech law
is equal to altruism? And that is caled a prime example of Altruism?
But maybe I am mistaken and should avoid asking well meant questions.

No, please continue asking these questions.

Remember we are dealing here with human beings.  Whether part of the major theosophical groups or members of such Internet groups, humans and their human nature is more or less the same everywhere.  See  Master KH's remarks on human nature in the first letter he ever wrote to A.P. Sinnett.

The "failings" of the major organizations  are repeated in such internet groups' too.

Those who think they are liberal minded and free thinking can sometimes become quite dictatorial and even ruthless in their interactions with others especially when they find themselves in "power" positions of authority and therefore become "gate keepers".

They end up becoming part of a cabal excercising dictatorial power and constituting themselves the judge and jury of other members.  They issue what amounts to edicts that are final....they then remain silent and refuse to further commication and interactions with those whom they have expelled.  

Don't get me wrong....we all can succumb to that side of our human nature and we all are less than perfect...far from it.

So beware Sufilight even you and I in a similar position might act no better and possibly would be even worse!  lol

Therefore when we paint the powers that be at Adyar or Wheaton or Los Angeles or elsewhere (even in Internet organizations with no real "brick and mortar" headquarters) as "negative" in some aspect, could we do better?  If you think so, form your own group and put into practice what you have often written of late in this forum.  hopefully you will suceed...only time will tell....


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