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Re: correction - theos-talk Situation in the American Section of TS(Adyar)

May 28, 2012 08:16 AM
by M. Sufilight

Dear MKR

My views are:

You wrote:
"To provide a forum for men and women interested in theosophical topics, in
the USA, one long time theosophist single handed setup,,
an open Internet forum with no financial or other help from any
organization. This forum now has over 1,000 members around the world and it
just shows what a determined and committed member can achieve."

M. Sufilight asks
Does this imply that the forum is primarily pro-USA membership? (Iask because it seem to be implied.)
And does it imply that this particular forum follow the Original Lines of the Theospphical Society as given in 1875-1891?
Or a different set of lines?.......And controlled by a democratical elected administration? Or merely controlled by a self-elected Elite group?

Honest answers are one thing. Silence can be taken as contempt for the truth and for honesty.

Is it not the plain truth that the Leadership in above named forum - in silence NOT known by the members of the forum - almost monthly throws a number of persons out of the forum and hampers and "gags" happy and wellmeant freedom of speech members with warnings as if THEIR (the Leaderships) freedom of speech law is equal to altruism? And that is caled a prime example of Altruism? 
But maybe I am mistaken and should avoid asking well meant questions.


H. P. Blavatsky wrote something with regard to these things...which I thing the elite members of this above named forum aught to have in mind...

H. P. Blavatsky wrote 
"Because (a) Madame Blavatsky does not owe the slightest allegiance to a Council which is liable at any moment to issue silly and untheosophical ukases; and (b) for the simple reason that she recognizes but one person in the T.S. besides herself, namely Colonel Olcott, as having the right of effecting fundamental re-organizations in a Society which owes its life to them, and for which they are both karmically responsible. If the acting editor makes slight account of a sacred pledge, neither Col. Olcott nor H. P. Blavatsky are likely to do so. H. P. Blavatsky will always bow before the decision of the majority of a Section or even a simple Branch; but she will EVER protest against the decision of the General Council, were it composed of Archangels and Dhyan Chohans themselves, if their decision seems to her unjust, or untheosophical, or fails to meet with the approval of the majority of the Fellows. NO MORE than H. P. Blavatsky has the President-Founder the right of exercising autocracy or PAPAL powers, and Col. Olcott would be the last man in the world to attempt to do so. It is the two Founders and especially the President, who have virtually sworn allegiance to the Fellows, whom they have to protect, and teach those who want to be taught, and not to tyrannize and rule over them.
And now I have said over my own signature what I had to say and that which ought to have been said in so many plain words long ago. The public is all agog with the silliest stories about our doings, and the supposed and real dissensions in the Society. Let everyone know the truth at last, in which there is nothing to make any one ashamed, and which alone can put an end to a most painful and strained feeling. This truth is as simple as can be."
(Uppercase by M. Sufilight.)

Since Theos-talk forum apperently is an open place for commercials of other Theosophical forums and other ideas...let me write this:

I am offering the ORIGINAL Constitution of the Theosophical Society as given in 1890, only with very few minor modifications on my forum -

And with an open aimed motive for an administration being elected, democratically (not self-elected as nearly all theosophical forums are these days),  - so to avoid Elitism at the forum. Later we might decide to create another non-Yahoo forum -  perhaps technically speaking like one of those - open source-like forums like The Theosophical Community or Teosophy.ning. I have in fact the skills to create such a forum - single-handedly, (it is in fact not difficult to do).

We are not many these days, but a few 11 members. One of them a long time theosophist for more than 25 years. And I my self a theosophical Seeker also for more than 25 years.
I merely suggest that each reader decide what kind of ethics or not they join, and what that kind of ethics that will be.


The news...

(Vatican detains 'Pope's butler' as suspect in leaks probe)

All the above are of course just my views. I present them from my heart seeking to promote altruism.
I will gladly change them if someone are able to prove them wrong or irrelevant.

M. Sufilight

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  Subject: theos-talk Situation in the American Section of TS(Adyar)

  Situation in the American Section of TS(Adyar)

  The American Section of TS(Adyar) is the second largest in the world, the
  largest being the Indian Section. There is continual shrinkage of
  membership in the American Section (this is a hot potato no organizational
  leaders dares to discuss) while Indian Section is an exception with
  continual growth. Membership head count is the only objective measure of
  how the organization is doing, even though some may contend quality vs
  quantity issue, which no one can objectively prove.

  When TS was launched, the transportation and communication was difficult
  and hence the model of branches in cities was setup with of course
  traveling lecturers and officials visiting the lodges and rejuvenating
  their activities. Even with vast improvement in transportation and
  communication, traveling lecturers and officials continue to be a key
  ingredient to the expansion of theosophical lodges. This is what is going
  on in India.

  The picture in the American Section is totally different. For years, many
  lodges have not seen any traveling lecturers and neither they have seen any
  of the elected officials. On the other hand, we see activities are
  concentrated at the National HQ, which most members could not afford to
  participate in. We have also not seen any indication of any attempt to
  address this issue. So we only can assume there is no change in direction
  and we will continue to see shrinkage of membership and lodges in the USA.

  On the other hand, Internet seems to be playing a key role in the future of
  theosophy in the world and especially in the USA. There is no need to
  mention the critical role Internet played during the last International
  Election and its aftermath when Internet was instrumental in keeping
  members up todate around the world with verifiable facts when
  unsubstantiated allegations were spread to defeat the sitting President and
  also tarnish International administration at Adyar.

  To provide a forum for men and women interested in theosophical topics, in
  the USA, one long time theosophist single handed setup,,
  an open Internet forum with no financial or other help from any
  organization. This forum now has over 1,000 members around the world and it
  just shows what a determined and committed member can achieve.

  From the American National HQ frequently we receive solicitation for funds.
  Considering the above dismal situation with membership, each of us should
  examine if the funds can be spent elsewhere for better results in helping
  our fellow men and women. You be the judge.


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