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Re: theos-talk politics and various questions

Oct 22, 2011 11:41 AM
by libertyson11

Methinks you make karma in the Thought World by holding such an energetic construct upon people.  It doesn't seem very altruistic but rather bordering on unconscious negatition. It does no good, drives people away from political service who might serve the Light, and leaves the field open for the fulfillment of this attitude, ie., all political offices will be corrupt.  And the odds of spreading altruism in environment of corruption is low. 

"Colonel Olcott, upon invitation, gave his views upon the political and
religious state of Japan. His main point was that, unless politics go hand in
hand with Religion, anarchy would be the result." Lucifer.

*** Precisely-  they go hand in hand. 

"The Master M. has a large body of pupils under his instruction, and works in
connection with many organizations of an esoteric and occult kind, as well as
through the politicians and statesmen of the world." IHS.

***  Precisely, this shows that HPB and others visceral statements about "politicians" are simply flame throwing polemics, not reasoned statements from the Middle Way, and central pillar of the Tree of Life. 

--- In, Tom Robertson <007@...> wrote:
> M. Sufilight wrote:
> >I conclude like Blavatsky: A politician is a living Walking LIE.
> Krishnamurti said the same thing about successful businessmen.

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