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RE: theos-talk politics and various questions

Oct 22, 2011 07:44 AM
by Jeremy Condick

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> Subject: Re: theos-talk politics and various questions
> M. Sufilight wrote:
> >I conclude like Blavatsky: A politician is a living Walking LIE.

The Masters, Blavatsky, Bailey and any number of other altruistic persons of goodwill might conclude that a politician is capable of being a liar or deceiver out for selfish reasons of their own ambition. Likewise they might also recognise that there are such politically minded individuals working for the genuine betterment and good of society and social welfare in general. Context and meaning are everything in written dialogue especially if dispute over "a school of "practical" politics" is sought. In this political sense the Masters work through their disciples and Initiates under the 'commandment of Christ', on the political first ray line with the long range view and objective, "they look far off to future results" and also to gradual evolution of results set in motion in the past. JPC. 

"A representative man of this class was the late distinguished American journalist and politician." CW IV 1882. 147. 

"My friend you are a remarkably clever Editor and an astute and observant politician; and no one, perhaps, in all India goes as deep as you do into the inner constitution of the Anglo-Indian coups d'etat. Still you do not go far enough and the original primitive layers of the political soil as the genesis of some acts of my Lord Ripon were and are terra incognita to yourself as to so many others perhaps still older hands in politics than you are." Letter No. 82 Mahatma Letters . K. H.
"The President of our Society, Col. Olcott, has traversed the whole of India several times, upon invitation, addressing vast crowds upon theosophic themes and sowing the seed from which, in time, will be garnered the full harvest of our evangel of brotherhood and mutual dependence. The growth of this kindly feeling has been proven in a variety of ways: first, in the unprecedented gathering of races, castes and sects in the annual conventions of the Theosophical Society, second, in the rapid growth of a theosophical literature advocating our altruistic views, in the founding of various journals and magazines in several languages, and in the rapid cessation of sectarian controversies; third, in the sudden birth and phenomenally rapid growth of the patriotic movement which is centralized in the organisation called the Indian National Congress.
This remarkable political body was planned by certain of our Anglo-Indian and Hindu members after the model and on the lines of the Theosophical Society, and has from the first been directed by our own colleagues, men among the most influential in the Indian Empire. At the same time, there is no connection whatever, barring that through the personalities of individuals, between the Congress and its mother-body, our Society. It would never have come into existence, in all probability, if Col. Olcott had suffered himself to be tempted into the side paths of human brotherhood, politics, social reforms, etc., as many have wanted him to do. We aroused the dormant spirit and warmed the Aryan blood of the Hindus, and one vent the new life made for itself was this Congress. All this is simple history and passes unchallenged." BCW XI 394. 
You will observe that an unusually small number of Delegates are here today and will share in my regret that there could not have been a full representation of the Branches when such important changes in the Rules are to be proposed. It is useless to deceive ourselves as to the main cause. This is the political upheaval in Indian society which has produced the National Congress, and drawn all Indian thought into the vortex of politics. The first effect of the theosophical movement was to arouse an intense interest in the ancient religions and philosophies."
"Colonel Olcott, upon invitation, gave his views upon the political and religious state of Japan. His main point was that, unless politics go hand in hand with Religion, anarchy would be the result." Lucifer.  
The Indian National Congress (Hindi: àààààà ààààààààà àààààààà) (abbreviated INC, and commonly known as the Congress) is one of the two major political parties in India, the other being the Bharatiya Janata Party. It is the largest and one of the oldest democratic political parties in the world.[3][4][5] The party's modern liberal platform is largely considered center-left in the Indian political spectrum. Founded in 1885 by members of the occultist movement Theosophical Society[6]âAllan Octavian Hume, Dadabhai Naoroji, Dinshaw Wacha, Womesh Chandra Bonnerjee, Surendranath Banerjee, Monomohun Ghose, Mahadev Govind Ranade[7] and William Wedderburn wikipedia. 
"The practicability of Communism, the motto of which is, " From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs," obviously depends upon the prevalence of more generous motives, of a higher sense of duty both to work and to give-a more perfect development, in fact, of the sense of human solidarity. It is for this very reason more commendable than mere economic socialism, as an ideal, to the attention of Theosophists ; although its application, on the national or universal scale, cannot yet be said to have entered" the sphere of practical politics." Lucifer. HPB.
"Neither Lord Ripon nor his Councillors (those behind the veil) anticipate any great results during his power in India. They are more Occultists than you may imagine. Their liberal reforms are not meant for India, to the weal or woes of which they are quite indifferent: they look far off to future results and -- Press acts, Ilbert's Bills, Bengal Rent Bills and the rest are aimed at Protestant England which, very soon, too soon if Somebody or Something does not interfere, will find itself suffocating in the invisible coils of the Romish Apophis. Friend and Brother, the only one of your race whom I regard with a warm, sincere affection, take care! Do not reject too lightly my warning for it is a solemn one, and but a hint I am permitted to make. Political skepticism, like every other, scorns and laughs at the observations of those who do not belong to its factions. It finds out its mistakes when in a ditch. Beware for it is no more a simple ditch, but an abyss that is being prepared for you!" Mahatma Letter 82. K.H. 
"The Master M. has a large body of pupils under his instruction, and works in connection with many organizations of an esoteric and occult kind, as well as through the politicians and statesmen of the world." IHS. 


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