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Einstein and Secret Doctrine

Sep 13, 2010 11:40 AM
by MKR

 In the current search for the copy of Secret Doctrine that Einstein had,
here is a new lead. According to Katinkaâs website, it is stated that:

âThe late Dallas Tenbroeck said that this copy was actually seen by him.â

Unfortunately Dallas died a couple of years ago so we do not know how to
check this out.

Considering the fact that the collection of transcripts of HPBâs discussions
was discovered after a century, it is quite possible that the book is
somewhere unsuspected by the owner/custodian.

In the account of how the niece of Einstein donated the book, and the
mention of Mrs. Wadia in the account, points to the likelyhood of the
donation being made to a ULT lodge and which in due course ended up in some
oneâs private collection.

So it is necessary for every theosophist connected to ULT should check out
all the lodge and personal archives for a dog eared one volume Secret
Doctrine and we may be in for surprise.

Here is the link to Katinkaâs site:.



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