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Einstein and Secret Doctrine

Sep 11, 2010 10:39 PM
by MKR

For several years, there have been discussions on theos-talk as well as
mention in print publications about the fact that Einstein had a copy of
Secret Doctrine on his desk. Some thought that he might have had the
inspiration for his theory e=mc2 from it. Some of you may recall msgs from
Leon as well as clarification from Dallas on the disposition of the SD after
Einsteinâs death.

Recently the topic got attention on the theosnet ning website at and due to the persistent followup by Joe Fulton (an
active theosophist from Tucson, AZ), finally the key article by Jack Brown
which was published in Ojai Valley News in 1983 has been located and has
been posted on Brown was an eye witness to the fact that
Einstein had a copy of SD on his desk and this establishes the fact with
certainty. Link to the posting is here:


Now the whereabouts of the SD copy gets murky. An account put the copy in
the Adyar Library. Based on a recent inquiry, there was a definite
confirmation that they do not have it. Moreover, this inquiry was brought to
the attention of Radha Burnier, International President and the response was
received after a search of the Adyar Archives. It should also be noted that
Radha Burnier was the Librarian of the Adyar library for several years and
this gives additional certainty about the SD not being at Adyar.

In one of the accounts of the disposition of SD copy, the name of Mrs. Wadia
(wife of well known theosophist who was active in ULT), if she was in any
way associated with the SD being donated to a library, it is likely to be
ULT or even one of the lodges of ULT.

Now it is worthwhile for every library of lodges, theosophical
organizations, even private libraries to look for the copy, since comments
scribbled by Einstein may be priceless for the scientific community and may
present the material in SD to be far more valuable than realized so far by
the world. It may also point out that there are occultists who have far more
knowledge of workings and laws of nature than science has recognized so far.

It is hoped that the new focus on the SD copy will spur all theosophists to
keep looking for it everywhere until it is located.


There is no religion higher than Truth

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