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The Smartism of Char Dham

Sep 13, 2010 08:18 AM
by Martin

The Smartism of Char Dham

The four Abodes of God in the four directions of India where the  worshipper is 
free to choose a particular aspect of God to worship made  me ponder a bit 
today, having a bad cold.
Especially when I ( can't speak for you gals and guys, however " I "  stands for 
my Soul ) am in a physical Ill situation, strengthening  myself towards yet a 
greater adversary to be slain, I start pondering  metaphysically...
For Overthinking I need Memory, Memory of Experience, Which can be found  in my 
Subconsciousness. To get there I need a Mind, Which is free of  Illusion ( the 
Nirvanic Mind ) and an Eye ( The Pine-apple Gland ) to  See/Observe...
Interesting to see the word "Smart" is directly derived from the Sanskrit, 
meaning Memory.
Now the smart way  to get into Nirvana is to plug in your Soul into the  
Oversoul or Worldsoul and be in a state of unseperateness without being  in a 
Nirvikalpa Samadhi nor Savikalpa Samadhi.
The only safe way to get there is spontaneously or in the state of Sahaja 
Samadhi (accomplishment of the unconditioned natural state).
Like it sais on wiki:

So from spontaneity that's unique,
Replete with the Buddha's perfections,
Are all sentient beings born, and in it come to rest.
But it is neither concrete nor abstract.

The Tripiáaka therefore are empty bags, since in the above Poem, in these 4 
Seats of  Letters, One can read that only Unique Spontaneity makes you fit to 
live  in any Reality and Live in the Real at the same time.
As soon as people are going to practize the Art of Samadhi, you will  surely 
know they will fail, since Uniqueness is not an Art, nor is  Spontaneity*.
The beautifull part in all this is the Natural developement of Bhakti, 
Confidence and Compassion, during this developement Patience will become a 
Virtue and Ahimsa a tool to support others on their Path to Salvation...
Remember all things come to those who wait, since in fact we already  wished 
everything, it has no use to rush our wishes in impatience...

* It has no use therefore to copy others...just BE Unique! 

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