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Einstein, SD, and Laudahn

Sep 13, 2010 09:11 PM
by MKR

Another player in the story of Einstein and his copy of SD, is Laudahn who
brought the Jack Brownâs article in Ojai Valley News to the attention of
John Algeo. It is not clear if Laudahn is still alive and if he is, may be
he can help identify Jack Brown. Her is an excerpt from an article I found
in the cyberspace.

âMr. Laudahn â. . Retired since 1976 and currently a resident of the
Theosophical community of Taormina adjacent to the Krotona Institute in
Ojai, California, Mr. Laudahn joined the T.S. (Adyar) in 1972 after having
been associated with the United Lodge of Theosophists and the Theosophical
Society (Pasadena). He is married to Gertrude Mann, herself a member of the
T.S. (Adyar) since 1924.â

Anyone who is familiar with the theosophical men and women in Ojai valley  who
can throw some light on Jack Brown will be very helpful.


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