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Re: Theos-World Re: Anand's stand and the election

Jun 23, 2009 07:17 PM
by MKR

 Regarding the comment on Erica, a young member from Greece being allowed to
speak in one of symposiums in the International Convention, we should
applaud the decision to let her speak.
Many times we have discussed here how TS needs young leaders and all growing
organizations have young leaders. May be, this decision will open up future
opportunities for younger members to address Intl Conventions and we all
should welcome it.




Visit and enjoy the community.

On 6/23/09, preethi muthiah <> wrote:
> Scene 3: Year 2007: Mrs Erica Georgiades arrived at Adyar after a gap of
> several years to attend the Convention. After a few days of her arrival, she
> comes into the office of Leadbeater Chambers to announce that she is going
> to be speaking during the interntional Convention in one of the symposiums.
> A couple of days after this announcement, I am told that she wangled this
> privilege from the President by haranguing the President for nearly 1-1/2
> hours. How do I know this information? President tells this to Uma
> Nilakanta, Radha Muthiah, and some others, who then relate it to me and
> others as well, because all are surprised to see that a young member of the
> TS is going to speak at the international Convention, knowing fully well
> that the President does not give that privilege to youngsters, and had not
> given that to even knowledgeable young speakers like Dr Pablo Sender. The
> only other youngster to my knowledge who has had that privilege would be
> Pedro
> Oliveira, another Brazilian.
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