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Re: Theos-World Re: Anand's stand and the election

Jun 23, 2009 07:30 PM
by MKR

Your comment that many of not having visited Adyar is on the money. Due to
various reasons, many of us are unable to make the trip to Adyar and spend a
couple of months and see Adyar for ourselves first hand.


It is here that someone like you who has lived at Adyar for years become a
very valuable resource. Lot of action has taken place since  2007 and we all
do not have a detailed picture. Hence we all will appreciate your taking the
time to inform us on this list on all matters of importance. Such
information will be very helpful.




Visit and enjoy the community.

On 6/23/09, preethi muthiah <> wrote:
> I am a bit concerned with the way you keep repeating that the attempt to
> disenfranchise the members of the TS to vote in an election for the
> President was done in order to make the President a puppet in the hands of
> the General Council. I understand that since you have never visited Adyar
> you (as many others who read and participate in this online discussion
> group) would not know that we do have a puppet as the President. Since she
> has not developed the faculty of discriminating for herself the strengths
> and weaknesses of all those who work directly under her, either at Adyar or
> as General and Federation Secretaries, most times what does happen is that
> she "believes" the version of the First Person who reports his/her version
> of an event to her. For Your Information and that of many others, I will
> describe some typical scenes that happen daily at the President's Office:
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