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Re: Theos-World Fanaticism and Dogmatism

Jun 23, 2009 06:26 PM
by Eldon B Tucker

It's discouraging to see the forces of superstition rally against you, but
there's a possible bright side. Even bad publicity is good publicity. Were
the convention ignored as being insignificant, it would have less impact. Do
television stations and newspapers give opposing views the right to reply to
attacks? Perhaps a local member could get interviewed and letters could be
written to the newspaper. If the convention became controversial, you might
get a few annoying people to show up, but others may have their interest
aroused and come, participate, and join because of hearing of the

The other positive aspect of the situation is that if what you offered
weren't helpful to people thinking for themselves and freeing themselves
from religious oppression, it wouldn't be seen as a threat and opposed by
organized religious groups. In California, new and different ways of
thinking about things is commonplace, so religious groups have mostly
stopped trying to oppress people who think differently. Perhaps there is
less freedom of thought in your part of the world--unfortunate since Greece
was the home to some of the greatest philosophers--so attempts to awaken
people to have inquiring minds is seen as an immediate threat.

It's inevitable, though, that the time has passed for narrow-minded
religious fanatics to impose their books of dogma upon the lives of others.
We're going from a world where the populace is uneducated and manipulated by
believers who horde the knowledge of the world in their monasteries to a
world where everyone has the opportunity to learn for themselves. Keepers of
the old dogmas are living fossils that live in a world of make believe.
(They get together and say "we believe that . . ." and reassure each other
that they're right, never bothering to learn what life is really about nor
looking at the real world.)

Good luck in your work in keeping philosophical inquiry alive in Greece, a
country that should set the example of open inquiry for the rest of the

On Tue, Jun 23, 2009 at 4:47 PM, Erica L. Georgiades

> Dear friends,
> Two weeks now, we in the Theosophical Society in Greece, are under extreme
> pressure. The Summer Conference of the T.S. in Greece to take place in few
> days, has caused a lot of talking. But today the situation has exceeded
> every logical limit. The Bishop of Alexandropolis gave an interview during
> the morning, and an also interview tonight on a TV channel, accusing us of
> satanists and saying things that I prefer not to describe.
> The Bishop of Alexandropolis also published an encyclical, against the
> conference which is on every Christian web-site and was
> published on newspapers.
> It was decided by the T.S. in Greece to request police protection when we
> arrive on Alexandropolis and on Samothace Island.
> You can see the program of the conference at this link:
> Below is a translation of part of the encyclical, which has a total of
> three pages, and the links to the original encyclical in Greek.
> http://www.imalex. gr/DF948CB4. el.aspx
> http://www.athos. gr/s_articles- t_view-id_ 1250.html
> My dear brothers and sisters,
> Residents of the Island of Samothrace,
> I turn to you to beg your attention to protect yourselves against the
> consequences of a Conference on the Kabeirian Mysteries, those terrible
> mysteries ended 2000 years ago, which today some Pagans are trying to
> revive it. We can only make assumptions about what
> happened during the Kabeirian ceremonies, because as in the other mysteries
> of the ancient world, the initiate was not disclosing what happens, because
> people would not accept their ways of worship.
> The Theosophical Society in Greece, from 26 to 28 June, will hold a
> Congress in Samothrace Island, to initiate people on the Kaveiria Mysteries.
> The emblem of the Theosophical Society are two triangles, a swastika, a
> Ouroboros a snake that swallows its own tail, an evil Egyptian cross, and a
> secret group of Hindu words. The main Âmotto of the Theosophical Society is
> that ÂThere is noReligion Higher than TruthÂ.
> The question is:
> Are these people futile? We know that only to refer to the
> ÂKaveiriaÂ, reduces any intellectual capability they may have.
> Havenât they learned the truth answered by Jesus Christ when he taught ÂI
> am the truthÂ.
> Its our moral obligation to ask:
> v Who invited them to our site, causing the piety of the Christian
> inhabitants
> of the island?
> v Who hosts the home of our five compatriots Martyrs;
> v Who invited them to the island of Virgin Krimniotissas?
> v Who wants to blind the eyes of Apostle
> Paul of Samothrace?
> We will continue to bring pilgrims to wishful Island, of all the world to
> deepen in the first step made by the Apostle Paul in Europe and bring the
> message of the Gospel.
> The Theosophical Society is against Christianism who has built hundreds of
> churches on the island.
> The TheosophicalSociety is:
> v An occult organization that uses methods of Eastern religions,
> v tries to overcome barriers of religions and to create a universal
> brotherhood, thorugh:
> 1. studying comparativereligions and philosophies,
> 2 investigatings the laws of nature and the hidden
> forces of man.
> Understand, then, ladies and brothers, how poor is for us Christians, these
> aspirations of the supporters of Theosophical Society, who came to the
> place of the blessed Virgin Mary from the sacramental blood of Five New
> Martyrs, tooffer us to go back! To return to the past! To return to the
> Kaveirian mysteries.
> A dead past to us. We want the light, we who live under the
> light and the grace of Christ. We do not need the secretive
> interpretations, nor false Occultism. We have the gospels of our churches,
> and is only the freedom of our wishes, which determines our
> relationship with God.
> We monitor these reactionary efforts, not to encourage violent
> events with them, but because of the war against us, so pray to God to
> illuminate to findthe victory of the Gospel given on life and death.
> So, my Christian brethren, I urge you to disregard the suspected
> ÂTheosophical Society which comes to our place to try to mislead our
> intellect by claiming their searches. They are coming forward to us with
> bloody and immoral ways to worshipGod.
> But I also call your attention to any vandalism that occurs in our churches
> or chapels. And then the responsibility will fall heavily on those who have
> invited or accepted the realization of this pagan conference on the island.
> The Bishop of Alexandropolis
> Alexandroupolis ANTHIMOS â
> best wishes,
> Erica
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