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Re: Was Alice Bailey "the New Torch-Bearer of Truth"?

Jun 02, 2009 02:38 PM
by paijmanstheo

Ah well, Leon, that's what pirate printers and thieving publishers do all the time, print first and ask later, and it is sad to see this kind of behaviour in these, ahem, enlightened circles.

One should *always* ask for permission first if one wants to quote or cross-post messages from list members intended for distribution amongst members of a list only. The internet being as it is, even when you would take Leon's comment down immediately, it now is on the net, and will stay here forever. So, yes, a big thank you Martin, for making me even more acutely aware that one cannot trust this list for its integrity.

On the other hand, Leon, there's really nothing you have written in your post that you should be worried about, as there's nothing ion your message that has not been expressed about a thousand times before. The international bankers, the jews, the sad fate of Germany and the international conspiracy. Oh, and Operation paperclip... I have seen it pass my frame of reference so many times... Sources, my friend! Sources!

This part of our history is very complex and not really suitable for a simple, all encompassing answer (i.e. a secret cabal of, take your pick, illuminati, aliens, the new world order, ZOG, the freemasons or the reptilians, did I leave something out? that is responsible for all our woes) although I understand the psychological need to do so.

Moreover, it has struck me time and again how theosophy is riddled with antisemitism and racism.



--- In, Leon Maurer <leonmaurer@...> wrote:
> Thanks, Martin, for doing it first and then asking for my permission.
> If I wasn't on the CIA hit list before, I could very well be on it  
> now.;-)
> But what the hell, I'm old enough to not give a damn -- especially if  
> it comes clean and fast...  (And they are pretty good at it -- except  
> maybe, when they use food poisoning.):(
> But then, since I have no documentary proof of my allegations -- why  
> would they give a damn? ;-)
> So, leave it there!
> Leon
> On Jun 2, 2009, at 6/2/094:13 AM, Martin wrote:
> > Leon, I have copied your comments in this thread:
> >
> >
> >
> > I hope you are ok with that, else I will delete them...and write it  
> > in my own words...I do give you credits though:)
> >

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