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Not only Bismarck --- but what about Beaconsfield????

Aug 25, 2008 09:23 AM
by danielhcaldwell

Concerning the "Bismarck insertion" in the K.H. manuscript which 

"Bismarck and Beaconsfield are types of black magicians."

Frank, you write in two of your postings the following.  I give the 
two extracts together:

But so far I have never found this anti German mindset with HPB, 
Judge,Tingley or Purucker.  I have found it only with Besant and 
Leadbeater and now in your publication of the Johnston TS??

?.We know that it belongs to the ABC of Theosophy to learn that 
Theosophy or Brotherhood comes first and patriotism comes second (and 
that counts the more for students coming from national mindsets which 
says: We are the biggest).

No student of Blavatsky can escape his/her traditional mindset and in 
the case of the Bismarck insertion it seems that Julia Keithley could 
not escape her English (not necessary Scotish or Irish) mindset in 
regard to Germany of fear and hate?..

Now Frank if I understand what you are saying, then you are saying 
that this statement -- which is suppose to be from Master KH -- shows 
an anti German mindset.

If this is what you are saying then what about Beaconsfield?

Whoever wrote this statement -- whether by KH or not -- not only 
mentions Bismarck but ALSO Beaconsfield.

If I mistake not, Beaconsfield is an ENGLISH politician.  

I give an excerpt from Wikepedia:

Benjamin Disraeli, 1st Earl of Beaconsfield, KG, PC, FRS (born 
Benjamin D'Israeli; 21 December 1804 ? 19 April 1881), was a British 
Conservative statesman and literary figure. He served in government 
for three decades, twice as Prime Minister?the first and thus far 
only Jewish person to do so...

You say "K.H." already is showing an anti-German mindset.

So when "K.H." mentions Beaconsfield in the same sentence, is "he" 
ALSO showing an anti-English, anti-British mindset as well as 
possibly even an anti-Jewish mindset???  


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