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Re: Theos-World Not only Bismarck --- but what about Beaconsfield????

Aug 31, 2008 01:12 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Daniel asks:

Now Frank if I understand what you are saying, then you are saying 
that this statement -- which is suppose to be from Master KH -- shows 
an anti German mindset.

If this is what you are saying then what about Beaconsfield?

Whoever wrote this statement -- whether by KH or not -- not only 
mentions Bismarck but ALSO Beaconsfield.
If I mistake not, Beaconsfield is an ENGLISH politician. 


I tried to explain why I suppose that theosophy is bigger as any mindset and national or racial prejudice of a single theosophist and why I am pleading for autopsies and interpretations of our theosophical literature from different point of views.

I tried to explain why I, a German with a German mindset, can recognize perhaps easier than other theosophists with other mindsets, a probably insertion of an alleged KH text at the example the German Bismarck, who had a German mindset.

I know a lot of Beaconsfield, above all that he is well known for his conspiracy saying, that secret societies rule Europe and not the rulers.
It may be or it may not be that also from the mention of Beaconsfield the probably fake insertion can be decected, but I am not able to decide it for myself from my present knowledge as all I know about Beaconsfield comes from sources outside of theosophy. So from my theosophical knowledge I cannot decide whether the supposed insertion can recognized as a fake regarding Beanconsfield.

I give an excerpt from Wikepedia:

Well, I do not trust Wikipedia much as they pay censors. Freemasons can ban an author from it if they like.
So in short Wikipedia is an establishment thing.
The internet in general gives people the illusion that all knowledge is available, which is not the case.
Erich von Daniken, who is a prominent author in Europe for alternate interpretations of the ancients in the Blavatsky direction, points it out well in his new Falsch informiert! (Wring informed!).
I recommend it highly to all those who can read German.

You say "K.H." already is showing an anti-German mindset.

So when "K.H." mentions Beaconsfield in the same sentence, is "he" 
ALSO showing an anti-English, anti-British mindset as well as 
possibly even an anti-Jewish mindset??? 

Daniel, this questions implies a reversal of cause and effect of my argument.
I do NOT say that KH shows an anti-German mindeset, therefore I question the authenticity.
I say that the alleged KH sentence (and in consequence probably other sentences, too) sounds not authentic to me because of the anti-German mindset regarding Bismarck.

In case, the KH text would have been published by a German theosophical group, which has seceded from a pro British TS and these theosophists had raised in anti-British propaganda surroundings over decades, your question would make sense. But this is only speculation and I for myself limit to what I know.
To answer this question seriously one had to examine the mindset of those in the Johnson TS, who have published the alleged KH text.

What kind of politics did Beaconsfield follow? Pro British? Pro Hebrew? Was he a zionist, a Rothschild, a Talmudist, an Illuminati, a Communist or what?
BTW, why is the communards-quote of HPB not found in the online edition of Blavatsky Collected writings, vol I, p.404: ?

And what do you understand by "anti-Jewish mindset" exactly?

HPB contrasts the Hebrew and the Mahatma mindset as follows:

"Surely it is not the living Mahatmas but "the Biblical one living God," he who, thousands of years ago, had inspired Jephthah to murder his daughter, and the weak David to hang the seven sons and grandsons of Saul "in the hill before the Lord"; and who again in our own age had moved Guiteau to shoot President Garfield that must have also inspired Danton and Robespierre, Marat and the Russian Nihilists to open eras of Terror and turn Churches into slaughter-houses.... To the Hebrew saying, "I, the Lord create evil," the Mahatma answers-"I, the Initiate try to counteract and destroy it."

- Helena Blavatsky, B:CW VI:19,

As the modern Theosophical movement started with the English language for practical reasons (I really hope that we will not find its end here), it is no wonder that many activists have an English mindset and this was end of the 19th century - in spite of Carlyle - openly anti-German (compare the magazine of the Johnston TS and you'll find the same aggressive and unobjective anitgermanism in it as with Besant and Leadbeater).

For usual texts from adepts have no zeitgeist aroma and this is the reason why I also to not believe in the authenticity of the alleged stenographic memo of de Purucker's words regarding Hitler and Herrmann Rauschning, which is distributed by Point Loma Publications. The day when this text comes out as authentic, I'll say theosophy goodbye.

So I kindly ask for proofs or arguments why the Bismarck (and Beaconsfield) sentence is authentic. 
Which person/s inserted this sentence later on?
Is the Bismarck sentence authentic, but was hidden at the first publication?
And for what reason?
Where is the original?
Could Vernon Harrison or any other expert examine it?
Was there any other publication of the alleged KH text in any other theosophical publication?

Best wishes

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