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Warning about joining Grouply

Aug 26, 2008 07:41 PM
by mkr777

I got a message from someone who claims to belong to theos-talk and wanting
me to join his "group".

Here is a message I saw in another group. Never join Grouply or you will

*The message below was posted at another group I belong to.

*Once again "GROUPLY" has reared its head. For those of you who don't
know about GROUPLY, below is a copy of a message I sent to the list on
2/7/08. I do not know whether all those links and information about
how to leave GROUPLY once your have joined still apply. The important
things to remember are:

1. Don't join the dang thing in the first place
2. I will ban anyone from this list who has a GROUPLY email address in
order to protect the members of the list (see below)
3. I have NOT yet put the whole list on moderation again (which is
indicated in the message below), but I will if any errant posts start

Here is a copy of the email from February:

There is a message going out to different Yahoo Groups advertising and
suggesting that you join a new group called GROUPLY. This group claims
to help manage all your Yahoo groups and you will get a summary, at
end of the day, telling you what is going on in all your groups.

IF YOU JOIN THIS GROUP they use your Yahoo ID and password to post
"mass mailings" (can be junk, can be porno) and send them to anyone,
since it's YOUR ID they are using, others will think it is coming from

For example, you could get an email CLAIMING that it came from
"Deb Karasik" Yahoo Group and it really is not from our group. You
could get an email, with this mass mailing, claiming it came from me,
and it wouldn't have been from me.

IMMEDIATELY Leave "Grouply" then
go into your <>
< <>>

and change your Yahoo ID and Password. It appears that this
will help. Just unsubscribing from "Grouply" won't make a difference
(but I
imagine you will want to), so make sure you also change your Yahoo ID
and Password.

Unfortunately, if you have joined "Grouply" you have unintentionally
exposed all your groups, group members
and group leaders to hacking of their emails and group information.
Because of this problem, all members with a email ""
will being removed from this group. This is the only way I know to
protect you, the members and the stability of our group. If you wish,
you can rejoin the group once you have changed your Yahoo ID and
Password and re-apply to be a group member.

I also have put the entire group on moderation to catch bogus mailings
that may be posted. Please don't stop posting, but be aware that all
messages will have to be approved before they go to the list, so some
delay will be involved.

I will checking frequently over the next several days to scan for
" members" and removing them. Members removed may rejoin,
but only under a secure email address.

I hope everyone understands what is happening and will take
to protect your Yahoo ID.

[Non-text portions of this message have been removed]


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