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Re: Theos-World Jesuits and Germany

Aug 25, 2008 07:17 AM
by Cass Silva

I'm no historian, but Marxism was advocating common ownership of property and this was not going to be tolerated by the old establishment and its old money.  

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you hit the hot button.
To be exactly, incitement mostly comes not from the people, but from a pressure group.

In case of the British it was a long newspaper press smear campaign, so much that Katherine Tingley on her World Crusade in 1896, on which she claimed that HPB is with her, warned of the dangers of a world war.

As to the Royal family: They are Germans, the name Windsor is an invention of the WW I period, their real name is von Battenberg.
There were many within the Royal family which did not want a war.

Also King Edward VIII. in 1936 did not want a war with the Germans, but that did the City of London and the Masons not like and the Churchill war fraction forced him to abdicate, compare British historian Martin Allen "Hidden Agenda: How the Duke of Windsor Betrayed the Allies, London: Macmillan 2000" ((who was persecuted by the Illuminati like Jewish historian David Irving with a false flag fake campaign to silence him).

According to Rudolf Steiner WW I was engineered by only a handful people, a lot of 40 or 50 persons.
The problem of the white side was that they did not have 40 or 50 persons to balance it.

HPB stated in SD vol. II about WW I on the eve of the war which will befall France and England, that a whole fraternization probably will not be enough to stop the war.
In other words: In France and England evil powers for war came up and the white side is in hectic to train as much as possible chelas to neutralize this dark force, but probably they will not be enough to hinder it, but at least to soften it.

Take for example Tibetan President-in- exile and Blavatsky student Samdhong Rinpoche, who answered the question of the end of Chinese foreign rule: "We would need 60 spiritual men,but we have them not."
(statement heard by myself in Berlin).

The TS was designed to prevent free nations from foreign rule (doctrine of Swabhava, which was germanized in 1934 to: Erbeigenart) . Writes Olcott in a 1878 letter:
"While we have no political designs, you will need no hint to understand that our sympathies are with those who are deprived of the right of governing their own lands for themselves. I need say no more?"
-The Theosophical Society, Russian Intrigue or Religious Evolution? By Richard Hodgson, M.A., LL.D. The Age, Melbourne, Australia, 12. September, 1885 

http://www.blavatsk yarchives. com/hodgson11. htm 

Take for example Willem II. and his cousin Czar Nicholas II. of Russia with his German wife Alexandra von Hessen. Both were relatives and they were befriends.
The days before outbreak of WW I. an adviser of Nicholas exacted mobilization, because he has just has received a telegram, confirming the mobilization of the Germans (which was not true).
In turn, an adviser to Willem told him, that he has to sign mobilization order, because he has just received a telegram, confirming the mobilization of the Russians (which was not true).

Willem did not sign, but rather sent his cousin a telegram praying him for peace, that there are no problems between their countries which could not be better solved in peace, but Nicholas has begun to mistrust his cousin, believing it was a trick. So Nicholas did not revoke the mobilization order and Willem in turn was forced to sign his order.

War broke out because of the false flag operation of two counsellors behind the scene, not because the peoples or the Emperors wanted a war.

It seems HPB has felt this as she wrote several times about the dangers of the terrorizing faction and their would-be benefactors, which in their false-flag operations are disguised as helpers of the working classes and misuse the worker for selfish ends (NWO).


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Don't know about that Frank, if the Brits had truly hated the Germans, they would have interred the Royal Family. I often wondered why they didn't. They are only english by proxy.


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When the lunatic Whiskey drunkard, Freemason and black magican Winston Churchill (he launched an Occult Bureau with sex pervert Aleister Crowley to use dark forces in his war) was contacted by high treason Germans around Stauffenberg (there were also Theosophists in the Stauffenberg conspiracy), asking him, what he would promise to them when they would assassinate Hitler, Churchill exclaimed:

"You must understand that this war is not against Hitler or National Socialism, but against the strength of the German people, which is to be smashed once and for all, regardless of whether it is in the hands of Hitler or a Jesuit priest." 
- Emrys Hughes, Winston Churchill - His Career in War and Peace, p. 145, German quote in: Adrian Preissinger, Von Sachsenhausen bis Buchenwald, p. 23.

This is the more interesting when you consider Germany's hard struggle with the Jesuits, whose "Catholic Action" was at its height in 1937-39 and when the German government revealed more and more critical information about them. According to Burkhard Heim, who was clandestine holding down Hitler's table talks, the outbreak of the "hot war" in 1939 crossed Hitler's attempt to clear away the churches which denounced Hitler's politics as neo-paganism (believe in karma and reincarnation, Atlantis, in the old germanic myths, reestablishment of old Thing places, runes, homoeopathy act in 1938, land claims for every citizen, six weeks of holiday for every worker, persecution of lies in the press etc., which all is obviously the opposite of what the churches want).

>From the theosophical world not all Leaders supported the Allies (all lies) and their black propaganda against truth and honesty. At least de Purucker saw Churchill as the key maker of WWII. Even in a public lecture, as is shown by this quote:

"[O]n the eve of World War II, de Purucker made disparaging remarks about Winston Churchill in one of his regular public lectures."
- W. Michael Ashcraft: The Dawn of the New Cycle - Point Loma Theosophists and American Culture, 2002, p.163.

Did Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin support Jesuitism in their last five minutes?

Is therefore the Holocost the last attempt of satanic Jesuitism to hold the Western Aryans in mass hypnosis?

The most respected German Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ), our "Washington Post", wrote about the assembly of 45 heads of states in Sweden in 2000:
"We witnessed the ceremony of the new civil religion." ("Man wohnte der Feier einer neuen Zivilreligion bei.", FAZ, Jan. 28th 2000, p. 45).

and later on about the same event:

"It was the epiphany (appearance of God) of a soul league... For the Holocaust is in that stylization not knowable as an historical incident, which has a history before and after, but it is becoming an primordial incident seperated from all history. One has it not to explain, but one must explain themselve before it..."

("Es war die Epiphanie [Gotteserscheinung] eines Seelenbuendnisses . Denn der Holocaust wird in dieser Stilisierung nicht als geschichtliches Ereignis kenntlich, das Vor- und Nachgeschichte hat, sondern er wird zu einem von aller Geschichte abgesonderten Urereignis. Man hat es nicht zu erklaeren, sondern man muss sich vor ihm erklaeren .", FAZ, Febr. 14th 2000, p. 49)

Questions to Blavatsky students:

Is the new religion based on truth?

What about their dogmas, temples, priests, witnesses?

Do theosophists regard this new religion as the latest divine revelation?

According to Jerusalem Prof. of history Dan Diner believe in Holocost is a replacement for the believe in the divine.

Is NO religion higher than truth or is one religion - Jesuits using Jews as their puppets - higher than all?


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