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Jul 14, 2008 05:34 AM
by kpauljohnson

Dear Bill,

Thanks for your understanding of the situation.  Do you think, and I 
invite other readers to comment, that the 2008 Burnier voters are now 
irreconcilably opposed to an Algeo presidency and will vote for 
whomever runs against him?  Which would mean, is Radha now alienated 
enough from him to try to steer the Indian section to support someone 
else upon her passing?

These excerpts are why I ask:

--- In, "t_s_theosophist" 
<THEOSOPHIST@...> wrote:
> They may fool many people for a long time....BUT.. their 
deviousness will be revealed in the inferrior product they have 
produced, it will not stand up to scrutiny and testing. 
> There is no substitute for TRUTH,INTEGRITY, AND GOODNESS, and any 
attempt to subvert the Ancient Landmarks is doomed to failure. 
> Providence works according to its' own time table, not ours. The 
lesson for us is Patience and the assurance that if we have followed 
the Ancient Landmarks of Level, Plumb and Square the results will be 
perfect and wholly gratifying, 
> Square Dealings, Level Steps, and an Upright Life. 
> The Great Tragedy of this election is that an astute and great
> scholar,and an able administrator let himself be compromised by the 
devious actions of a few. There is no question that in time he would 
have been a wonderful leader. And if he had no foreknowledge of these 
electioneering plans, when they did come to light, he remained 
silent. One questions why he did not distance himself from this 
attempted trickery, and recuse himself. 
> When we have lost our Integrity we really have nothing else 
worthwhile to work with. 

Do you mean to suggest that the result of this election is that John 
Algeo will never become PTS?  He obviously has very solid support in 
Western Europe and the US, but the numbers from Asia, Africa, and 
Latin America do not look good for him in the future nor perhaps for 
any US candidate.

Not having the slightest clue about the duties of a TS VP, I wonder 
whether it matters operationally if there is a big breach between the 
President and Vice-President, which one imagines there is and will be 
for some time.



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