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Understanding Krishnamurti

Jul 13, 2008 11:32 AM
by t_s_theosophist


The problem with understanding Krishnamurti is Not Krishnamurti, but the tendency of our minds to form pre-conceptions and expectations. 

When C.W. Leadbeater discovered young Krishnaji and his brother on the beach at Adyar he unmistakebly knew that there was something very special about this child. 

In consultation with Dr.Besant they are said to have received special information from the Masters of Wisdom about Krishnamurtis' future. 

Krishnamurti was to be the vehicle of expression for the next appearance of The World Teacher. Although Great and Respected Leaders, Leadbeater and Besant were products of their time, and I think that we can forgive them if  Krishnamurtis' role was slightly different from what they had expected. 

Krishnamurti surprised many people who had "other" preconceived notions of "What" the World Teacher should be and do. 

Krishnamurti did Not denounce Theosophy or distance himself from it. To the very last day he always considered Annie Besant as "Amma", a term of endearment meaning "mother." 

What Krishnamurti Did do was to denounce the reliance on any oganization, or outside persona 
no matter who that person was or claimed to be. He taught that you do not need organizations, you do not need Gurus, you do not need Priests or intermediaries. Look to Ishvar Guru, the Atman within, this is the Only Guru you need. 

The complete essence of Krishnamurtis teaching is..... 


It is message of uncompromising Self-Reliance, Self-Responsibility and Self-Effort. 

It is a hard message for an immature humanity that does not want to take Self-Responsibility for their actions and lives but craves for an outside "Savior." In past ages when the bulk of humanity was still immature we did need "Saviors." The evolution of consciousness has come to a point where external "Saviors" are no longer needed, they are now a hindrance. 

It is now possible for many of us to take Self-Responsibility, Self-Reliance and Self-Effort for our own Spiritual growth and evolution to Perfection. 

Yet, out of Compassion and Charity for the young souls still among us we are not to be iconoclastic and denounce all religion and ceremonies as useless trivia. Although we may have come to a point in our evolution where we do Not need religion and ceremonies ourselves, as we have seen that they are "crutches" we no longer really need, there Are many many young souls and immature beings who still Do need those crutches. There is absolutely Nothing wrong with using a crutch If we need one. The problem comes in when we make a fetish out of the crutch and don't see it for what it is, we make an idol out of the crutch. 
Keeping an "Open Mind" is always a problem for us, as we have a tendency to form pre-conceptions that give us a false sense of comfort and security. When things work out as things work out, and they don't comform to our expctations...we are dis-illusioned and feel betrayed. In reality we should be happy that we have been "dis-illusioned" in confronting Reality. 

That was the major problem with Krishnamurti, Not that he was Not the expression of The World Teacher, but that he did not conform to peoples pre-conceived expectations. 

We can see this same dynamic at work in another occurance. H.P.B. wrote that in the last quarter of each century a major Spiritual impetus would occur. People started imagining what this "Spiritual" occurance would be and had many different expectations. Many were disappointed when they did not see anything 
notable "Spiritual" occur at all. 

The fact that the advent of a musical group, The Beatles, spearheaded a major change in world consciousness does not occur to them as a "major spiritual impetus." One need only to look at pre- and post- Beatle world consciousness to see the difference. 

The Emergent Reality will always be as it will be, and it will be wholesome and good. It most likely will never conform to our pre-conceptions and expectations. So if we are prudent we will work on keeping a truly Open Mind, Avoiding Pre-conceptions and leaving an Open Space for the Emergent Reality to occur with out our own distortions. 

Krishnamurti, by refusing to accept any role as a "Spiritual Leader," Guru, or intermediary, and by denouncing the reliance on any organization was acting in congruence with his message, and by doing so proved his role as the expression of The World Teacher. His actions were completely consistent with his teaching. 

Looking objectively, all I can say is WOW, This guy IS REAL. 

William Delahunt
Orlando Florida,


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