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Re: Theos-World Re: Dynasty subverting Democracy

Jul 13, 2008 11:32 AM
by Pukhraj Singh

Pardon me for being off-topic. 

Shudra-dominated societal systems like democracy
strive by highlighting the collective and individualistic inabilities
of human beings. Their stress on the peoples' state as the
moral-ethical-spiritual redeemer is very anti-evolutionary. Its
constant and mind-numbing focus on human weaknesses and debauchery
makes sure that we cling to our fears, and base our decisions on a
selfish and utilitarian mindset where mere survivalism is dubbed as
the highest-possible state of existence. Democracy is touted not as a
solution to overcome our imperfections, but as a promise to liberate
you enough so
that you can live with it. Equality here is a notion of
but something which never erases or makes us forget what makes us
unequal in the
first place. And justice, don't even talk about it - an act driven by
impulse with a fishbowl view of the world. Laws in a democracy want the
criminal to behave like a mouse being constantly lured by the cheese in
the trap. Spiritualists like Vivekananda and Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar have
correlated democracy with the cyclical rise of Shudras, the lowest
class, as rulers and a byproduct of ignorance. Democracy is not here to stay and I see a shift happening in this century. I think the very
phenomena which leads to the rise of an autocrat makes
sure he's good for the country. Ideally, an autocratic system is very
Nietzsche-ian, for the lack of the right word. However, the current
socio-economic and political world-order prohibits such Napoleonic
rulers to exist, so China and Russia are not the perfect esposuers of
such a system.

The political situation of India, the historical hub of spirituality,
is ironically and uncannily similar to the TS. What started a noble
attempt to enlighten humanity ended up as a dynastic catfight. On one
side we have the silver-spoon-fed Rahul Gandhi as the scion; on the
other, the Hindu-fascist party coming to terms with its lost ideology
like a sobering teenager who's trying to remember what happened to her
on the prom night.


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Autocratic control over a country is a double edged sword. Autocrat
can ruin a country, if he is bad, or he can take country to any height
if he uses power wisely and unselfishly keeping always good of people
in mind. China is criticized much because it is not democratic. But
the fact is China's economic growth has been around 10% for last
thirty years. This is a great miracle. I don't think any democratic
country ever grew at this speed for such long period. For common man
bread and butter matter most. And that means economic growth is most
In India there is democracy, but most of good economic decisions are
spoilt by politics. Democracy also gives freedom of playing dirty
politics. India has democracy for last 50 years, but it's economy is
far behind communist Russia or China and even many monarchies. 
I think in economic development communist Russia is more advanced that
democratic Brazil, Philippines or many democratic countries in terms
of per capita income. 

Anand Gholap

--- In theos-talk@yahoogro, "kpauljohnson" <kpauljohnson@ ...>
> Hi Konstantin,
> I was hoping you might comment on the underlying issue, if you feel 
> comfortable doing so regarding your homeland.  One of the concerns in 
> the West with the fall of the Soviet Union was that monarchists might 
> disrupt the transition to democracy in some of the ex-Soviet states 
> or satellites.  That didn't happen anywhere, and I don't know if any 
> restorationist movements ever got any headway at all.  (Noises were 
> heard about Romania more than anywhere else as I recall.)  But then 
> what you have in Russia with Putin leaving office [BUT NOT REALLY] 
> looks like another example of presidency for life.  And the extreme 
> popularity in Russia of a man out to destroy civil liberties and 
> castrate the press constrasts rather strongly with the extreme 
> unpopularity in America of his counterpart playing the same role 
> here.  That suggests that the monarchical atavistic urge is not dead 
> in the hearts of the Russian people.  I pray that Bush has killed it 
> forever in America.
> Maybe it's a universal in any country that killed its royal family or 
> fought a revolution to get rid of it.  I remember during my visits to 
> France in the 1980s it seemed like the cult of Princess Diana was 
> every bit as strong there as in England.  They killed their own 
> monarchs so now had to worship someone else's.  In an earlier 
> generation one could argue that Grace Kelly channeled some of the 
> same energies.
> Paul
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> >
> > --- In theos-talk@yahoogro, "kpauljohnson" <kpauljohnson@ > 
> > wrote:
> > 
> > > But what evidence is there that John Algeo is any less arrogant
> > > or entitled-feeling, or wouldn't hang on to the age of 
> > > 110 if given the chance?  None AFAIK.
> > 
> > At least, from my personal experience of email exchange with thim I 
> > can conclude that he isn't arrogant.
> > I have to explain that besides of being a F.T.S. I'm also an ULT 
> > associate.
> > Some time ago ULT began a campaign against his collection of 
> Blavatsky 
> > letters which included some dubious letters which by many 
> theosophists 
> > are regarded not genuine.
> > It was proposed to bombard him by emails expressing discontent by 
> his 
> > editorial policy, and I also wrote to him. Nevertheless, he replied 
> in 
> > a quite friendly tone and even sent me the first volume of the 
> > letters, atter I expressed my considerations why one of the letters 
> > cannot be genuine.
> >


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