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Some stunning Results with these New Body-Mind Frequencies

Jul 14, 2008 06:12 AM
by Donald Addams

Some stunning Results with these New Body-Mind Frequencies

Wanted to share some of the latest news on this, some really crazy, intense
positive phenomena being reported by experimenters with these new sound frequencies on the group

The frequencies are calling the Wild Birds in my Yard!

"while playing the frequencies today in
my office, with screen door and windows open to my yard, the wild
birds started surrounding my house and were trying as hard as they
could to get inside to the sounds, repeatedly "attacking" my screen
door and even entering my garage searching out the source of the
sound. DNA Sweet Spin and Ibogaine seemed to attract them the most.
When I tried to shoosh them away, they completely ignored me, showing
no fear and continued to try to come inside. Wow! What an experience!
What do you all think?"

Also, this is crazy!
Possible Effect on Vitalizing Blood

And this one is just bizarre!

Astounding results with plant growth
Three plants used;

1.) No - Exposure (Test Plant)
Total Growth 23 cm

2.) Plant Exposed to Tibetan Bowl Tone sound
Total Growth 26 cm

3.) Plant Exposed to these special SSF Frequencies
Total Growth 32 cm !!!!

taken from



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