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Re: Theos-World John's new black magic religion

Jul 14, 2008 06:25 AM
by Raquel Rodríguez

I´m astonished. My English must be not very good if I am understanding that:
>"But it is of course nothing new that a Jew cannot understand an Aryan because of his special psychological apparatus."
Do you really believe your Aryan psychological apparatus is better  furnished than a Jews one? and according to Theosophical teachings what do you understand for Aryan race?.
>"Germany cannot be blamed for defend herself from the death struggle which was forced upon her by the Jews since 1870."
This is absolutely the most monstrous thing I have ever really heard from a living person. 
But please let me correct you. 
Soap is chemically made of a fat and an amino-acid usually fat being commolly a vegetable or animal fat, as olive oil or pork grease and caustic soda as an amino-acid. I have to say I have forgotten the biochemical link transformation. I have studied it long time ago and on that time I did not really want to study. 
But the fact is that my grandmother, as most of the grandmothers of this country that never went to school and grew up on a 20th century European country plunged on an almost medieval economy, technology and ideology, by a dictature very friendly to that of Hitler that needed to fitht so hardly against Communist and Jews conspiring, (proof of that was that many republican Spanish also perished on "your necessary" concentration camps); used to make soap out of pork fat. 
My conclusion is that chemically -although it seems to me more a horror tale than a fairy tale- it is possible to make soap out of a pork or a human being whether German or Jewish of this present fifth race on this forth round. 
What I can really doubt is that out of this starving Jewish sacks of bones that where held in German concentration camps you could physically get any necessary fat to make any soap

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De: Frank Reitemeyer 
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not that you misunderstand me:

As this is a theosophical list, I limit myself (so far as possible) to 
things related to theosophy.
The new religion you seem to favor is therefore examined by me from my 
theosophical point of view.

You would get a better answer, if this would be a historical list and if 
laws against freedom of opinion and against scientific research would not 
exist and would allow me to speak out frankly.

Meanwhile I trust as a theosophist that truth will prevail and comes to 

In fact, the truth is already there and the satanism of the new religion is 
only able to brainwash the people because of its massive money funds, 
support of mass media and the massive witch hunts of teh truth searchers. 
This is all on which the new religion is based on.

All the other things they claim is lie and machination. Everyone, who has 
examined it, knows that.


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Thanks for your wild reply, i knew you would love those links lol!



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