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Theos-World Re: TS Election: Timeline

May 10, 2008 08:26 PM
by Anand

> But where is the reporting on John Algeo's health, or that of his
wife, another very key figure, even though ignored by all? Where is
the full and complete reporting of everyone's health?
> Marie
That is the problem in TS. Information is not being given to members
and others. Many officers in TS can't check their e-mails and they
don't. Expecting more things from them is too much. Today TS is like a
socialist government. When Masters founded TS, they expected that TS
would be the leader, pioneer in the world. Today TS lags behind the
world by thirty years or so. It is because Krishnamurtian philosophy
which entered TS has completely ruined and altered the nature of TS.
TS is no more walking the path shown by founders, Masters, Besant and

Anand Gholap

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