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Re: TS Election: Timeline

May 10, 2008 08:15 PM
by Anand

> So, according to your statement mentioned above, did not the same TS 
> officers who circulated their "opinions" about Radha Burnier's health
> to thousands of TS members have the duty to send, to the same 
> members, the Medical Certificates issued by the two doctors in India 
> which was sent to them by the Election Committee on 18 April 2008?
> Do you have any evidence that the same TS officers have done that? If 
> they have not, and considering that voting in most Sections will 
> close around the end of this month, do you think that we can consider 
> this a free and fair election?
> Pedro

To provide members maximum information about important developments is
duty of elected officers. Mistake here is also on the part of Adyar
TS. They have not published vital information about candidates and
other important things on official web site or on the personal web
site of Radha. It is giving the impression that Radha does not care if
members remain ignorant about important developments and happenings.
Adyar TS should have understood that even if they send certificates of
doctors to General Secretaries, some of them will fail to communicate
about it to members. So it should have been considered duty by Adyar
TS, election committee to make maximum number of things known to
people. It is clear that they have not done it. 
Constitution of TS does not specify which information is to be
communicated by General Secretaries to the members. That means
information communicated depends on subjective judgment of General
Secretaries. So it is not possible to say that election is not free
and fair because medical certificates were not distributed among members.
General principle is all important information has to reach members.
But that culture does not exist in TS. We know from study of
management that it is the Chief Executive who greatly influences
culture in the organization. In TS, Chief Executive has created a
culture and members can see what that culture is.
In the e-newsletters of congressmen in America, they continuously keep
people informed about what they are doing, what they intend to do and
reasons for that. It is understood in America that people have right
to get all the information. In TS generally most members don't know in
which country their President is on any particular day. 
Culture of secrecy is created by Adyar TS, then why do you blame if
General Secretaries don't send Radha's medical certificates to members
? When election committee, HQ and Radha have not published important
information on official web site, why do they blame others for not
distributing Radha's medical reports ?

Anand Gholap

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