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Re: TS Election: Timeline

May 10, 2008 02:45 PM
by prmoliveira

--- In, "Anand" <AnandGholap@...> wrote:

> Opinion of Radha's health at the age of 84 can only be subjective. I
> am not surprised if officers communicated that to members. 

Dear Anand,

According to your logic, should not the TS officers who sent out 
their "opinions" about Radha Burnier's health to thousands of TS 
members, BEFORE THEY HAD VOTED, also have sent, to the same number of 
members, the professional opinions of two different doctors in India, 
issued in two public certificates, which were posted here? 

They declare that she had fully recovered from the stroke she had in 
November 2006 and that "she is fit to undertake any responsibility 
involving strenuous physical and mental activity, and undertake 
travel both within India and overseas."

> When members elect the General Secretary or Federation President or
>Lodge President, it is the duty of elected officers to keep members
informed about facts. And this has to be a continuous process.
Officers are supposed to keep members informed about all important
things. And it is actually right that they informed members before
voting papers were distributed. When they provide information about
anything important, it should be as early as possible. That enables
members to take into account those facts before casting their vote or
doing anything else.

So, according to your statement mentioned above, did not the same TS 
officers who circulated their "opinions" about Radha Burnier's health
to thousands of TS members have the duty to send, to the same 
members, the Medical Certificates issued by the two doctors in India 
which was sent to them by the Election Committee on 18 April 2008?

Do you have any evidence that the same TS officers have done that? If 
they have not, and considering that voting in most Sections will 
close around the end of this month, do you think that we can consider 
this a free and fair election?


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