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TS - Election - View of a GS

May 10, 2008 02:51 PM
by MKR

Here is a very important message, I think all theosophists should read. If
someone has already received it, my apologies.


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From: Navinchandra SHAH <>
Date: Sat, 10 May 2008 15:00:42 +0300

Subject: RE: TS Election - Summary by Bilimoria

Dear Edi,

Thanks for the summary. So much correspondence has been sent aroung via
e-mail that one would wish a speedy end to this state of affairs we are
landed with.

4 members of our Nairobi Lodge attended the International Convention at
Adyar in December 2007 and they all spoke of good health of Sis. Radha.

I attended the English Centenary in 1988 in England and that was the first
time for me to see Dr. John Algeo. I do remember that there was a move even
then to move the T.S. H/Q to America. Now of course we know that Dr. John
Algeo has problem with T.S. H/Q remaining at Adyar. I had an opportunity to
meet Dr. John Algeo and his wife during one afternoon tea at the Dining Hall
- Leadbeater Chambers - just few days before the start of the Convention in
December 2005. We had a good chat and I was impressed with his personality.
We all know that he is also a highly well versed in Theosophical literature,
teachings and writes prolifically. Having said all this, I am of the opinion
that he should be the first person to put the current ugly scenario to an
end by coming out openly to defend the incumbent - Radhaji's health is fine.
She has chosen to stand for elections. Let not uncalled for prejuduce taint
the good name of T.S.

I have respect for Mary Anderson. Had had chance to sit with her at
breakfast times at Adyar many times. Her smile is disarming to any one. Her
stepping aside for the moment would do a lot of good to the Society.

Betty Bland, another highly respected Theosophist. Since U.S. members did
not have the benefit of full information from her it is also important that
she should immediately correct any wrong information that could have been
conveyed to the members. As pointed out by M.K.Ramados, reviewing of
electoral process or invalidation of the U.S. votes are other avenues to be

I do hope that all the above personalities + the remaining members of the
electoral committee should now stand up to clear the air. The General
Council (I as a General Secretary am a member of G.C. too) members need to
have an emergency meeting to deliberate on the current 'crisis'.

I pray for right decision. The only gift that we can give to the Masters is
to ask them to guide us truthfully. Vaisakh Purnima is on 20th May 2007.
That is 10 days away. Let us on this blessed day invoke the blessings of the
Masters that T.S. continues to play its rightful role. This will also be
like paying homage to HPB - we just celebrated White Lotus Day 2 days ago -
and to Col. H.S.Olcott who did so much for Theosophy and for a new world
order that Theosophy is set to bring in time to come.

All is not lost. There are lessons to learn from what's happening right now.
Let each and every T.S. member act in the noblest way. For that is the
hallmark of a true THEOSOPHIST. Let us therefore not have T.S. and Theosophy
become a laughing stock and an opportunity for its opponents to carry out
propaganda against it. T.S. history records difficult times faced by HPB,
HSO, Annie Besant, in India from many quarters. Of course those forces did
not succedd in their evil schemes. TRUTH ALWAYS TRIUMPS. TRUTH ALWAYS

May the Masters shower us with their choicest blessings.

Navin B. Shah
General Secretary
The Theosophical Society in East & Central Africa.

P.S. Dear Edi - you may circulate this to all on E-mail list if you feel so.


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