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Re: Theos-World Re: TS Election: Timeline

May 10, 2008 01:41 PM
by MarieMAJ41

Dear Anand, you said: "In free and fair election General Secretaries and other officers are
supposed to keep members informed about all important developments.
And they should convey that information as early as possible. I think
officers have done their duty of reporting good and bad points about
Radha's health, provided they are honest and accurate while conveying
Anand Gholap"
But where is the reporting on John Algeo's health, or that of his wife, another very key figure, even though ignored by all? Where is the full and complete reporting of everyone's health?


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Subject: Theos-World Re: TS Election: Timeline

Dear Pedro,
When members elect the General Secretary or Federation President or
Lodge President, it is the duty of elected officers to keep members
informed about facts. And this has to be a continuous process.
Officers are supposed to keep members informed about all important
things. And it is actually right that they informed members before
voting papers were distributed. When they provide information about
anything important, it should be as early as possible. That enables
members to take into account those facts before casting their vote or
doing anything else.
Also duty of officers is to give correct knowledge of facts to
members. There are certain situations where subjective judgment or
opinion are inevitable. For example there were 378 people present in
the meeting. In this case 378 need not be subjective opinion, as it
can be accurately counted. But if officer has to describe quality of
speeches, then there can not be correct number by which to convey it.
About quality of speeches opinion can only be subjective. He may say
it was good, bad, satisfactory, excellent etc. 
Opinion of Radha's health at the age of 84 can only be subjective. I
am not surprised if officers communicated that to members. Also
attending funcions, meetings is not a proof of competence or health. 
I do many things for helping people and I know attending meetings is
no work. Real hard work is required in intense study, research and
decision taking in difficult situations. If you say Radha's attending
meetings or doing normal work is sufficient proof of health, then that
is not correct. She must be able to do hard intellectual work, as she
has great responsibility of PTS
In free and fair election General Secretaries and other officers are
supposed to keep members informed about all important developments.
And they should convey that information as early as possible. I think
officers have done their duty of reporting good and bad points about
Radha's health, provided they are honest and accurate while conveying
Anand Gholap

--- In, "prmoliveira" <prmoliveira@...> wrote:
> --- In, "Anand" <AnandGholap@> wrote:
> > In this mail you will notice that many officers holding high posts 
> in
> > TS have expressed their opinion about important issues like future
> > Presiden't health, it's impact on the TS and possible solutions. I
> > think they have right to express their opinion and to convey their
> > opinion to others. However Radha's supporters are criticizing such
> > communication as "blatant electioneering". If TS election does not
> > approve electioneering, then why do they hold elections ? If they
> > think that election should be without discussion, without openly
> > discussing good and bad points of each candidate, then that election
> > is not real democratic election.
> Anand,
> The 2007 Annual Report of the TS says that there are over 4,000 TS 
> members in the US and over 380 in France.
> Below are some of the statements that both American and French TS 
> officers sent out to their members BEFORE their members had received 
> their ballot papers for the election of President. Such messages were 
> also distributed widely, by email, world wide.
> Issued before the members received the voting papers, the statements 
> below are not just an "expression their [TS officers] opinion". They 
> are a clear attempt to influence the voters' choice:
> "she had a serious stroke which left her unable to speak for at least 
> a month and deprived her of a large part of her memory. Her recovery 
> was slow and incomplete, especially as far as short term memory and 
> recall of names are concerned. In conversation, she no longer 
> understands anything but short and simple sentences."
> (Maxence Ondet, Secretary to the French TS Board, in a letter to all 
> TS members in France, 29 March 2008)
> "...showed a weakened mind or brain damage." (from Ondet's letter 
> above mentioned)
> "What a pity that such a great soul now errs because of the
> misfunctioning of the brain!"
> (Tran-Thi-Kim-Dieu, Chairman of the European Federation of the TS 
> since 1995 and additional member of the Society's General Council, in 
> a circular email message to dozens of people around the world, 20 
> March 2007)
> "Radha seems to be recovering physically from the stroke she suffered 
> a year ago, but, given her age, she still has periods of low energy 
> and her memory is inconsistent."
> (Betty Bland, National President of the TS in America in a letter to
> TSA members, April 11, 2008)
> Now compare the above statements with the two statements below which
> were received by me:
> "1. Dr. Radha Burnier, International President, T.S., visited Bellary
> (approximately 500 Kms from Adyar) in connection with three 
> significant Theosophical programmes in the second week of February. 
> Apart from inaugurating the conference there she delivered public 
> lectures as well.
> 2. The International President directed a study camp at the Indian
> Section Headquarters (2000 kms from Chennai), Varanasi, from 26 to 31
> March. Besides, she chaired the meeting of the Besant Education
> Fellowship which was held in Varanasi on 30 March. Before coming to
> Varanasi she was in Delhi on 22-23 March.
> 3. She is going to Pune (in the western part of India) in the second
> week of May to direct a study camp there.
> I think that the aforesaid facts show her active involvement in the
> theosophical work in different parts of the country."
> (Mr S. Sundaram, General Secretary of the Indian Section. The
> International Headquarters at Adyar is located in the South-Indian 
> city of Chennai)
> "I did not attend the [Adyar, December 2007] Convention. However I can
> PERSONNALLY attest to the fact that I had an in-depth, two hour (11 am
> to 1 pm) conversation with Radha Burnier on 02 August 2007 at No 17
> Tekels Park regarding the problems concerning Tekels Park (TP). In 
> view of the seriousness of the topic, I fully minuted this meeting,
> INCLUDING ALL OF Radha Burnier'S STATEMENTS and communicated these
> Minutes to the National President.
> Radha Burnier displayed clarity of mind and comprehension. She was
> able to:
> (a) evidence of long term memory recall - provide me with a summary of
> the background and history of events and personalities connected with
> TP going back over several years (which I know to be accurate from my
> own intimate association with TP).
> (b) evidence of short term memory recall - summarize the gist of
> conversations she had with two persons the previous day which again I
> know to be true since I am very well indeed acquainted with the said
> persons and their particular views and agendas.
> In view of (a) and (b) above, plus further discussions with Radha
> Burnier about specific details regarding the TS in general and the
> English Section and TP, I regard the comments made by the French
> National Board as far too sweeping, subjective, unsupported by
> evidence, therefore inaccurate and presumptuous."
> (Dr Edi D. Bilimoria DPhil, FIMechE, FEI, FRI, CEng, EurIng
> International Lecturer and author for the Theosophical Society
> Speaker at two International Conventions Twice on National Council 
> and Executive Committee of the English Section
> Former President of the Blavatsky Lodge in London
> Current Director of THEOVERSITY – a seven year course in Theosophical
> studies)
> If you add to the above the medical certificates, which were posted 
> here:
> and the letter sent out by Elvira Carbonell, a supporter of John 
> Algeo to members of the General Council, by email, THE DAY AFTER the 
> official call for nominations was issued by the International 
> Secretary at Adyar by air mail, on 18 December 2007. Carbonell's 
> letter is posted here:
> you may see that the "opinions" of the TS officers mentioned at the 
> beginning of this post, by their widespread attack on Radha Burnier, 
> are neither accurate nor fair as their interference compromised what 
> should have been a free and fair election.
> Pedro


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