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Re: Theos-World Re: TS Election: Timeline

May 11, 2008 06:41 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Anand writes:
>Today TS is like a socialist government

Indeed, I saw no difference between the Adyar 2002 Berlin convent and a
communist party convent.

When I learned many years ago as a greenhorn about the special odium in
Adyar circles in Central Europe - I mean the feeling of mistrust, complete
control, denunciation network via telephone behind your back, which makes
90% of the working time of "Theosophist", the hate of logic and spirit and
the attacks of every person who shows sparks of free thinkings, the hate to
learn and to be competent, the atmosphere of cant, hypocrisy, cocky, secrecy 
as to inform whatsoever and fanatism -
I was shocked and talked with older ladies about that odium, what was till
then only known to me from "red" people (communism, socialism, social
democratism and the like nightmares).

They told me that this special odium was ever with the Adyar people as far
as they can think and back to the beginning around 1900.

If you consider that these communists and Adyar pseudo-theosophists imported
the British high culture of cant to Germany, to bring her on a higher
cultural level, and how both communist and Adyar theosophist circles from
the beginning until today (!) pray for the destruction of the German people
as the salvation of the world with the following installment of a despotic
World government (high treason), while theosophy teaches, that not race
(anti-germanism), not language (Esperanto), not nationalism (globalism,
world communism) is the cause for the world problem, but the lack of
spirituality, if you further consider the many appeals the then Leader of
the Theosophical Movment Mme. Tingley made in Germany to the theosophists to
return to the natural, building up path, if you further consider the very
same appeals of the then Leader of Germany one septenary later to the
theosophists in Germany ----

then you have an idea about the tragic roll of theosophists in past, present
and most likely in the future.

They did not learn their lesson until today - 2008!!

The theosophists of 2008 in Germany are as stupid as a bit of bread as they
were in 1900, in 1926 or in 1933.

Today the most pervert immorality can be preached in the Adyar TS and no
one protests.

And yet these aggressive, idiotic, sadistic satanism cant and lying mental
terror gang called "Adyar theosophy" - a dark odium which let's you get
goose pimples by return and other body reactions, only paralled when I had a
dispute with Markus Wolff, the ex GDR Stasi secret service boss, these high
treason people worship themselves in their sect magazine as being the first
group, which has achieved collectively "harmony with the Logos"!!!!

What do theosophists the world around say to these?

Do they know that their German brothers are ONE with the Logos???

To speak frank and german and plain:

This black magic gang is as in 1926 and in 1933 not able for a reform from

Only in a "democratic" system where paedophils, gays and lunatics "rule", is
such a perversion of theosophy possible and such a danger for innocent
citizens possible.

A government pledged to the age-old virtues of truth, moral and
righteousness would not tolerate such a terror, and I am sure, HPB would
also not.



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