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TS Elections - More on Secrecy

May 11, 2008 06:21 AM
by MKR

>From what I understand, in the early days of TS, the General Council
decisions were sent to the lodges to keep members informed. Mind you, those
were very tough times, with enormous opposition from many quarters to
destroy theosophy and TS.

Even in those days, the founders did not feel threatened by disclosing what
is going on at the highest levels of TS. In later years, once a policy
decision was taken to keep them secret (when did anyone see them published
last time?), all the Sections followed. Even those sections who, to wanted
to make token demonstration of openness, published their decisions. They
disclosed very little details amounting to very nominal disclosure.

Even in the West, after the advent of Internet, full advantage was not taken
of it. It appears that self-preservation and self-security considerations
seems to over-ride the interests of the members. It is generally observed
that elected officials tend to think they know what is best for them and
their members, so keeping them in the dark is  ok.

Even today, what we see in the Election could have been totally avoided if
from the day (- 1 year), everyone had been open and transparent. No backroom
planning or strategising, no surprises would have been necessary. May be the
planners did not expect Internet to play any role other than displaying
self-advertising static material to impress gullible uninformed members and
thus get the members' votes.

Here we are, with the mess on hand. Who can predict what will be long term
after-effects after the election on TS and theosophy, no matter which
candidate is elected.


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