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TS Elections - A Member's Response

May 11, 2008 05:54 AM
by MKR

Here are two responses I received from a highly educated, respected member
of TS, which is very interesting and encouraging:



Dear MK,

thank you for your thoughtful letter

Have you been in contact with other members and have you received any
response from Betty Bland?

I have been following this information with awe and do not feel good about
the issues at hand. Do keep me posted


Dear MKR

I have several concerns which I would like to share with the list of people
you have been copying, if that is possible

1) The information that has been shared is not accessible to those who do
not have email access to email.

2) the very fact that letters have been sent "campaigning" against a
candidate for the office of TS President is gravely disturbing no matter
what the "truth" about our current president's health,

3) I would like to hear the voice of Betty Bland to speak to us in the USA
section, to clarify what may have been the impetus for promote to us a "vote
for John suggestion"



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