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Re: Theos-World Re: TS Election - A view from England - Some reflections

May 08, 2008 12:57 PM
by MarieMAJ41

Dear Anton and Friends,

I agree with your statements below, but want to add that no one within the TSA in America will ever be nominated for any major office unless he or she is a member of the ES, Co-Masonry, and/or ?Liberal Catholic Church. Anyone who would stand for any major office must be affiliated with these organizations in addition to prolonged laboring for the Theosophical Society, and have served on the board of directors,??as well as donating freely to the causes that are attached to these organizations. Even if some imprudent person would nominate a perfectly capable and life-long theosophist, if they are not members of these organizations, their nominations would be dimissed?, because the powers that be that control the entire workings of the society are members of these groups. No outsider need apply.
And it is too bad. And the inbreeding will continue.


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From: Anton Rozman <>
Sent: Thu, 8 May 2008 2:39 am
Subject: Theos-World Re: TS Election - A view from England - Some reflections

It is high time we institute formal measures to revoke the membership 
of those who demonstrably act against the cause of truth and the best 
interests of our Society.


I can agree only with the half of this statement because institution 
of formal measures to revoke the membership would drag us into the 
process of mutual accusations which could easily end with the total 
disruption of the Society. 

Instead, I would propose that we should institute formal measures for 
those who are eligible for the offices in the Theosophical Society. 
Namely, we should recognize that we are not dealing with only one 
organization but with several organizations within one organization 
and that such situation is simply intolerable and that it leads 
towards the dissipation of the Society. 

The problem was to some degree already addressed by Geoffrey Farthing 
in his Manifesto 1996 
and its Supplement 
which didn't find an adequate response within the Society, so that we 
are now facing the consequences. Maybe, the problem with Farthing's 
message was that he addressed two different issues, institutional and 
prevalently that of the teachings and was therefore rejected as 

Membership in Esoteric Section, Co-freemasonry, Liberal Catholic 
Church, T.O.S., or any other organization is not incompatible with 
the membership in the Theosophical Society but it should be, because 
of conflict of interests and because of the need of one's complete 
dedication, incompatible with the eligibility for any office in the 
Theosophical Society. 

If we treat different circular letters which disrupted actual 
election process as private then we miss the point. One "private" 
letter strangely found its way to various "opinion makers" in the 
Society, second used some other information line and so on. We are 
dealing with established ways of communication which are in direct 
opposition and are disrupting the formal proceedings established in 
the Rules and Regulations of the Theosophical Society. And with 
proper analysis we could probably link these communication lines with 
the organizations and some others informal connections existing in 
the Society.

Therefore, in my view, we shouldn't involve ourselves in some evoking 
membership process but make a step forward and adhere rigorously to 
the Principles and Rules of the Society and find some common sense 

Best regards,

--- In, MKR <mkr777@...> wrote:
> I just received a msg from Edi D. Bilimoria, a long-time member from
> England. I am quoting from it since it raises some very valid 
> regarding the Election.
> mkr
> ================
> "I would like to add my own testimonial regarding Radha Burnier's 
state of
> mind, plus my response to the letter from the French National 
Board - please
> see attached.
> I am utterly dismayed by the following:
> 1. To fabricate Radha Burnier's supposed 'brain damaged' 
and 'weakened mind'
> state when: (a) hard medical evidence from two Doctors, one a 
Professor of
> Medicine, indicates the very contrary - please see attached (b) 
> eye witness accounts of Radha Burnier's performance at the last 
> have stated that she was able to deliver her Convention speech 
standing for
> one and a half hours (c) facts about her recent travels on duty in 
> 2. Then to perform such actions under the thin guise of doing 
it 'for the
> good and welfare of our Society', distribute it widely, and sign 
a letter
> with words such as 'fraternally'.
> 3. For the International Vice-President NOT to speak out in defense 
of such
> rabid attack against the International President.
> 4. For lobbying and electioneering activists to present just one 
side of
> the story - Radha Burnier's *supposed* weakened state of mind - and 
> mention the facts on the other side.
> Indeed the Chairman of British Telecom once remarked: *I have 
> observed that the amount of back-stabbing and skullduggery in an
> organization is directly proportional to the nobility of its 
ideals.* Sadly,
> he seems to be right.
> May I kindly remind all that we are TRUTH LOVING AND TRUTH SEEKING 
> Compromise that and we plunge into an Avitchi of political mayhem.
> It is high time we institute formal measures to revoke the 
membership of
> those who demonstrably act against the cause of truth and the best 
> of our Society.
> With best wishes in upholding the Truth
> Edi D. Bilimoria"
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