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TS - Secrecy Mentality?

May 08, 2008 12:21 PM
by MKR

TS administrators seem to have an unusual secrecy mentality when dealing
with members. To cite two recent instances:
Couple of days ago I sent a e-mail to Mary Anderson, International
Secretary, requesting her to send me an updated list of e-mail addresses of
General Secretaries etc. I have information which is about 95% correct. I
wanted to have it 100% correct so that when I send e-mails on important
matters, everyone gets it.

To this day, I have not heard from her. I do not know if the e-mail
addresses are considered private or official secrets or even occult secrets
not to be revealed to ordinary members who do not hold any offices?  I am
long-time dues paying member and I am sure I can be trusted not to misuse
the list. I am simply baffled by the non-response.

Two days ago, I needed the e-mail address of one of the officers of TS in
America and I sent a e-mail request to National HQ. Instead of sending me
the e-mail address, I received a nice reply saying that my message has been
sent to the Officer. While I was waiting for the above reply, I Googled the
officer's name and located the e-mail address and the officer confirmed it.
Again, here I am, a dues paying member requesting the e-mail address of the
officer. Can I not be trusted with the e-mail address. I am again at a loss
to know what is going on.

People talk about Internet and its use etc. Looks like a lot more education
is needed for the administrative folks in the USA as well as Adyar.


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