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TS Elections - Revelations

May 03, 2008 11:50 PM
by MKR

We are seeing various happenings around the world relating to the Elections,
much of it surprising and very informative. In the pre-Internet days, all
this would have been kept to the vest by the National Secretaries (which
they have tried even today) and the members would have been blissfully
ignorant in the dark. It is Internet and its world-wide network that has
made it possible for us to be informed and participate with our views,
suggestions, complaints and criticism.

In a message I posted in 1999 on theos-talk (thanks to Eldon Tucker for the
maillist and archive) I wrote:

"Looking at the last major leap in communication technology TV, it is
still a one-way tool, much like the other tools such as written material.
On the other hand, network based tools Internet, and Evernet are two
way tools coupled with the transfer of power from institutions to
individuals. So institutions which controlled communication and transfer of
information for whatever reason scientific, spiritual, political,
national security etc. etc. is going to have a tough time to adjust to the
changing  global environment on which they will have no control. It will be
a lot of fun watching all the institutional leaders trying to grapple with
the new environment, especially when many of them having grown up in
pre-computer era."

You can read the full post at the following link:


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