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Re: [theos-l] How to win a Presidential Election

May 03, 2008 03:53 PM
by MKR

The plot thickens.

Mary Anderson, in violation of the procedure, has disclosed the nomination
information before the deadline as laid down by the election rules and in
administrative matters this would be considered official misconduct leading
to immediate dismissal. In governmental offices in the USA  the person would
be convicted for a criminal offense. I am wondering why she is still there
as International Secretary and a member of the Election Committee and GC and
how can any TS member trust her in any matter going thru her? (No wonder she
has not responded to my e-mail.)

Thanks, Pedro. But for your post, we all would to be in the dark about the
activities taking place behind closed doors and as far as I know, none of
the National Secretaries shared this info with their members, why would
they? If this is not compromising the elections from the beginning, what

We have talked about the transparency issue and it is why in many
organizations these kind of information is public knowledge to prevent
manipulation to tilt the elections and do a disservice to the members. None
of us, theosophists can imagine that this can happen in Adyar. This is Kali
Yuga and whom can we trust anymore?



PS: I think that the electioneering planning started in December 2005, yes


On 5/3/08, prmoliveira <> wrote:
>   Rule 10 of the Rules of the TS (Adyar) determines, among other
> things, the following procedure for the election of President:
> "(b) Immediately on its appointment; the Election Committee shall
> instruct the Secretary to send out to the members of the General
> Council a written call for nominations for the office of President.
> The call for nominations shall be sent by airmail or other
> expeditious means if airmail be unavailable, followed one week later
> by a second (duplicate) call.
> (d) At the expiration of ten weeks, the Election Committee shall
> place all the nominations received, together with the relevant
> papers, before the Executive Committee at a meeting especially
> con¬vened for the purpose.
> At such meeting the Executive Committee shall examine the nominations.
> The three nominees having the highest number of nominations shall
> alone be qualified to be on the voting list, but if two (or more)
> nominees qualify for the last place on the voting list, they shall
> both (or all) be included in the list.
> No nominee shall be included in the voting list unless supported by
> at least twelve nominations."
> Below is the message that the International Secretary, Miss Mary
> Anderson, who is also a member of the Election Committee, sent to a
> number of members of the General Council:
> From: Mary Anderson
> Sent: Monday, 14 January 2008 8:51 PM
> Subject: Presidential Election
> 14 January 2008
> Dear Colleagues,
> As the Secretary's Office is closed today, Monday, and
> tomorrow due to holidays, I am using my personal email
> to send this communication.
> Would those of you who have not yet done so please
> acknowledge receipt of Circular No.1 or No.1-A
> regarding the Presidential Election, sent out by
> airmail on 18 December and again on 24 December 2007
> and handed to some of you in Adyar.
> Those of you who are on the General Council and
> therefore have power of nomination might like to know
> that so far Mrs Radha Burnier and Dr John Algeo have
> agreed to be nominated, and that Miss Tran-Thi-Kim-Dieu has informed
> me that she will not accept nomination.
> With kind regards,
> Mary Anderson
> International Secretary
> As can be seen from the dates above in her message:
> 1) It was sent while the nomination process was still on, since the
> ten weeks from 18 December 2007 would expire on 26 February 2008;
> 2) It was sent without any provision for such a communication in the
> TS Rules as her second communication to GC members had already been
> sent on 24 December 2007;
> 3) It disclosed the names of two nominees while the nomination
> process was still under way;
> 4) It included the name of Miss Tran-Thi-Kim-Dieu while declaring
> that "she will not accept nomination".
> When TS members received, through their Sections or National
> Societies, the official voting papers which were issued by the
> International Secretary at Adyar, it became known that Miss Kim Dieu,
> who has been the Chairman of the European of the TS since 1995, had
> nominated John Algeo for President.
> So Miss Anderson, following in the footseps of her former assistant
> at Adyar, Elvira Carbonell, who sent an email to General Council
> members, on 19 December 2007, informing them that John Algeo had
> decided to accept nominations for the Presidential Election, also
> compromised the freedom and fairness of the election, her role as
> International Secretary and as a member of the Election Committee.
> Pedro Oliveira

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