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TS Elections - How to file a complaint?

May 03, 2008 11:18 AM
by MKR

Yesterday I sent a e-mail to Bro. Mary Anderson, International Secretary,
also member of Election Committee, requesting information about the process
for filing a complaint with the Election Committee regarding the current
International President Election. This information is very important since
there are many members around the world who have reason to complain about
the election process and electioneering by their National Secretaries. By
the way her name is the first one in the list of nominators of Algeo.

24 hours has passed. I have neither received an acknowledgement nor a reply
explaining the process so that all of us can participate in the election in
an intelligent way.

I am wondering about the above and I hope she is not trying to delay matters
since time is not on the side of members. Snailmail is normally used for
response to gain time and I have been at the receiving end in the USA
several years ago.


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