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TS Elections -- A view from a Lodge

May 01, 2008 08:32 PM
by MKR

I saw this in another maillist.
Thought we all should find it informative.


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Date: Fri, 18 Apr 2008 22:31:46 -0400
Subject: An Alternate Opinion: F O U L

An Editorial Response to The National President Of The American Sections
Political Letter Concerning The Upcomming International Elections.

An Alternate Opinion: F O U L

We are bewildered, confused and saddened by the obvious lapse of good
judgement exhibited in Mrs. Blands' recent political letter. Heretofore
Mrs. Bland has shown exemplary leadership of the American Section, a
difficult task which she has performed very well.

One either engages in political propaganda, or one doesn't. There can be
no half-way. Traditionally Theosophists have eschewed political
bickering or at least attempted to, preferring a spirit of Brotherly
Concern & Cooperation..

IF one is going to "Open the Door" to
"Political Propaganda," which by her letter Mrs Bland has done, then in
all fairness
and keeping a "Level Playing Field", Anyone else who has an alternate
MUST also be given the opportunity to express themselves in the same
manner and/or forum which was used to open the door. Yes, this was a
private letter by the National President, however, it used the National
Membership mailing list.

This list must also be made available to any member who wishes to
express an alternate opinion. If this list is not made available it
would give the appearance that the National President is taking undue
advantage of her position to promote her private opinions.

This may all prove to be moot, because either by default or design time
is running out, and anyone who would like to give an alternate opinion
probably would not have the time to organize their mailing before the
International elections.

There is no question about the obvious
excellent leadership skills of Dr. John Algeo, and he would make an
excellent International the right time. However
attempting to push that time forward gives the appearance of certain
unsavory Ambitions....As we are told in The Teachings "Ambition"
especially  "Spiritual Ambitions" are deadly to the True Spiritual life.

We hold that the Masters of Wisdom Still guide Our Beloved Society, and
when they direct changes...changes will happen.

We Greatly Respect Mrs. Bland and her
freedom to articulate her "Private " opinion. However this must not be
construed to be "The Opinion" of The Members of The American Section.

The members of Orlando Lodge Greatly Cherish and Respect the Wisdom,
Leadership and Dedication with which our current International President
has led
The Society over these past many years
and hope and pray that Mrs Radha Burnier will be leading us for many
more years to come. We fully support Mrs. Burniers re-election as our

The Theosophical Society In Orlando Florida.

Carl Metzger, President
Victor Brown, Vice President
William Delahunt, Secretary/Treasurer
Lyn Taylor, Librarian
Scott Bierman,Director
Joseph Kurak,
Donna Marcialis

April 18, 2008


[ Please feel welcome to print out, publish and/or forward this
editorial. Please share it with your membership.]


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