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Re: Three Reasons to prefer Algeo over Burnier

May 01, 2008 09:10 PM
by Anton Rozman

Under the current President the Theosophical Society in Yugoslavia 
was broken to pieces, with fatal consequences - literary hundreds of 
people were prevented to work and learn within the frame of the 
Theosophical Society. The theosophical lodges in Croatia and Serbia 
ceased to exist (There remained a small theosophical nucleus in 
Croatia but it waits for recognition for years). In Slovenia this 
policy of exclusion continued and still continues, with several 
members leaving the Society or encouraged to leave when they develop 
an independent stand. The newcomers have to go through two years long 
preparatory seminar before they can become members, many are 
rejected. There are no public lectures (except when an international 
lecturer pays a visit), there are no new publications. These are dry 

So, from the perspective of an excluded member of the TS in Slovenia 
the situation probably can not be worse and any other President would 
be better then the current one. John Algeo's vision brings some hopes 
and it would be already an enormous step forward if the Theosophical 
Society in Slovenia would become a kind home for all who were and are 
willing to learn and work for theosophy and which will not kill all 
individual initiative.


By the way, does anybody know why there is a different voting time in 
Asia and Europe than in Americas?

--- In, "Eldon B Tucker" <write001@...> 
> The elections do bring up one important point. Apart from the 
> involved, the two candidates would bring differences to how the T.S.
> would be run. We might consider what those differences are. What 
> be best for the future of the organization? 
> The question would be less important if members were more active in
> doing what they thought was best, rather than simply letting those 
> charge take all the initiative. If most members were highly active
> doing what they thought was best, the preferences of the leadership
> would be moot. It's only because people tend to be more passive in
> nature and let others call the shots that the election seems so 
> So what is really important here? Is it that we should pick the 
> leader of the society or is it that we should already be too busy
> doing good things for the election to matter much either way?
> Eldon
> --- In, kolad beth <bkolad@> wrote:
> >
> > 
> > Hi Folks, Actually I'm finding all this talk about elections as
> rather, well, nauseating. John may be acting with best intentions, 
> one would never know it by the comments here. seems to me that those
> who don't do the work of actually keeping an organization running,
> sure don't mind sitting back and criticizing!
> > B.

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