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TS Elections - Letter to TSA Members

May 01, 2008 10:49 PM
by MKR

I sent fhe following to some of my fellow members. Thought it might interest
some here.



May 1, 2008

Dear Member,

I am a member of TSA in San Antonio, Texas. A few days back we all received
our ballots for the election of the International President. Mid last month,
we all received a letter from our beloved National President Betty Bland in
which she explained the poor mental and physical health conditions of our
International President Radha Burnier and in view of this, suggesting that
we vote for Dr. John Algeo. The health of Radha Burnier is the central issue
in the current election.

Couple of days after I received Betty Bland's letter, I found out that two
physicians had examined Radha Burnier, and issued certificates that she is
fully fit, both mentally and physically. The certificates were sent to all
Secretaries (Presidents) world-wide, including Betty Bland. This information
is important because we should not be led to vote for Dr. John Algeo under
the mistaken information that Radha Burnier has serious mental and physical
health problems and hence cannot carry on the duties of the President.

None of us has received this new information from Betty Bland. I feel that
we all should exercise our votes based on accurate and uptodate information.

Anyone who is interested in the actual certificates, can contact Betty Bland
and I am sure she will be glad to provide them. Also a transcript of the
certificates can be found in one of the messages in the theos-talk maillist
which can be accessed at

Thank you,

Yours Fraternally,

M K Ramadoss
San Antonio, Texas

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