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TS Election - Re: Radha Burnier

May 01, 2008 08:27 PM
by MKR

*Here is a post from another list. It is posted by Aryel Sanat. This first
hand account speaks for itself in thelight of mis-information distributed by
General Secretaries and other well-known "theosophists". *
*Van:* breda zagar [ <>]
*Verzonden:* vrijdag 18 april 2008 20:32
*Onderwerp:* radha-adyar

  Dear friends,

last week  I arrived back home from Adyar where I spent  six days.

Every day I spent some time with our President Radha Burnier.

I feel as my duty to tell all of you  that she is in good health and all the
time thinking  of  our Society.

*She  every day  works in her office - in the morning and in the afternoon,
she drives herself  the car, receivs and talks with guests,  gives talks?she
is just as before her illness.*

She is fully responsible and all the time thinking only about Adyar and the
future of TS , our sacred place, which is right now so beautiful after havy
rain, everything is full of life, beautiful flowers and wonderful smell.
Bright light and life everywhere.

 I thing we should trust our President, help and support her with our
fraternally good wishes and be as many different trees in one garden, The
garden of  Theosophy. The times are hard, humanity suffers and we should be
unite  as never before.
 I am very glad she recovered.

 I apologize for  my grammar mistakes and hope not to be misunderstood
because of them. My only sincere wish was to tell the truth which I

Yours fraternally

Breda ?agar
Member of TS in Slovenia

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