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TS in America

Apr 29, 2008 08:46 AM
by MKR

I just received a mailout from Krishnamurti Foundation in American in which
it is stated that their mailing list in North America has 10,000 members.
Krishnamurti died in 1986.  22 years later this indicates the popularity of
K's philosophy in North America.

Compared to it, we have about 4000 members of TS in America. As a % of the
population, the membership shrunk with all the fan fare of parading PhDs
among the leading theosophists. So we are having an organization which seems
to be going down the hill, in spite of all the tall talk.

The current international electioneering based on incorrect info is not
going to help, unless the leadership  places all the facts before the
members soon.

Interesting situation.


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