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Re: Theos-World Three Reasons to prefer Algeo over Burnier

Apr 29, 2008 09:35 AM
by Martin

For me there is only one reason not to vote:

I am no TS member and if I were I would have sent my
membershipcard back.
What a bunch of egoistic losers. Time they read what
will happen to egoistic I hear Avitchi?

--- Govert Schuller <> wrote:

> Carol Stream, April 29, 2008
> Dear Brothers and Sisters,
> Greetings to all, especially Ramadoss, Chuck,
> Daniel, Paul Johnson, Katinka,
> Anand, and also all those who were so kind to
> discuss recently my views on
> Krishnamurti and the Theosophical Movement. (BTW,
> I'm not Gerald J.
> Schueler, Ph.D, as some of you might think)
> It has been a long time since I participated, but
> the upcoming PTS election
> is too important a subject to stay silent about. For
> starters, the following
> are my 3 reasons for preferring John Algeo over
> Radha Burnier:
> 1) My impression is that Adyar needs a long overdue
> technology upgrade. I'm
> sure Algeo, with his experience with the technology
> upgrades at Wheaton,
> will get things moving into the right direction. His
> experience and attitude
> is quite different from Burnier. Many theosophists
> reported that Burnier was
> not enthusiastic about the Internet and I perceive
> the Adyar web site as a
> reflection of that.
> 2) Algeo is more neutral and balanced in his
> perception of Krishnamurti.
> Radha sees K as the messiah and Algeo thinks there
> is a certain idealizing
> of K going on in the TS with the risk of creating
> another kind of
> sectarianism, which I would call Theosophical
> Krishnamurti-ism or Esoteric
> Krishnamurtianity.
> 3) As far as age and health are concerned I am, with
> many others, skeptical
> about Radha's fitness to take on another 7 years.
> She might be declared fit
> by her present physicians, but I have not heard
> anyone of them addressing
> the advisability of her continuing in her office
> into her 90s. And 28 years
> of service is quite enough.
> All the best
> Govert W. Schuller
> P.S.:  To Ramadoss 4/28: Yes, we have received our
> ballots in the USA.
> To Ramadoss 4/28: The forum started by Chris
> Richardson is semi-moderated.
> Posting is restricted to 'authors,' but comments are
> unrestricted, and it's
> mostly in the comments that the real meat is to be
> found. Chris is a
> Theosophist who thinks for himself and his agenda is
> the improvement of the
> organizational culture and governance model at the
> TSA.
> The Theosophical Society: A forum for the discussion
> of institutional
> issues.

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