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TS Elections - Radha Burnier's Health

Apr 29, 2008 05:13 AM
by MKR

In a recent message, there is a very significant information, many missed.

Never before, as far as I know, the Election Committe at Adyar has
instructed any section in any election. On April 19, the committee
instructed the French General Secretary (President) to "take immediate
action to counteract the impression created in the letter from Maxence Ondet
dated 29 March 2008."

The Election Committee should be commended for its action. I believe many
section Secretaries (President) have provided sent inaccurate information to
its members about the health of Radha Burnier.

Since the actions taken by the Secretaries will unduly tilt the election
based on inaccurate info, I think the Election Committee should similarly
instruct them to correct/counteract the wrong impression they tried to
convey to its members. In political circles, it is called attempt to steal
the election.

Has anyone seen any developments in the matter. Since it is a very sensitive
matter, if anyone wants to keep their confidentiality (because of potential
repercussion from leadership), they can e-mail me off-list. Let us share the
info with everyone for the good of Truth and Justice.



"There is No Religion Higher Than Truth"

In Kali Yuga, any means justify the end!

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